To Kill A MockingBird Journals Essay Research

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To Kill A Mocking-Bird Journals Essay, Research Paper CHAPTER 1-3 To Kill a Mocking-Bird (TKMB) by Harper Lee starts off by introducing the characters and the town of Maycomb. Characters including ?The Radleys?, especially Boo Radley, and Dill Harris and in less detail the immediate family of Scout, who is narrating the story. Scout is a girl, she would be about six years old but is in the first grade. I find it amazing that she has such a wide vocabulary for a girl so young. Scout is the troublemaker of the class, but does not come out that way to me, this is because she is honest, but her honesty gets her into trouble. I would think that her not appearing to me as a troublemaker might have something to do with her narrating the story. I found it interesting how it seems

like there is a summary of the story in the first couple of paragraphs. The characters mentioned come out later in the first three chapters. A boy called Charles Baker Harris is one of these. His nickname is Dill and this is his title throughout the book so far. It is Dill that persuaded Scout?s brother, Jem, to touch the Radley place. The Radley place seems dark and mysterious. The house is described in detail as are all the other ?strange? places and people in Maycomb. It leads the audience to believe Maycomb is a mysterious place. It may not be the case, but it is because different things are treated with suspicion or fear. Why? Currently I don?t know but it may be the mystery about it/them that draws people to the conclusion of this novel. Boo Radley is an occupant of this

household is also seen as different. His life story is told to us which makes you think how it is known. Life in a small community must be like this because unlike in cities, there is less entertainment. Scout seems to know a lot about everyone. This is demonstrated during school. On the first day of school, the new teacher finds herself in trouble when two boys on separate occasions have different problems. The first boys family, the Cunningham?s, are poor and the second are known as ?bludgers?. Scout knows this and tries to explain but ends up in trouble. This shows that gossip travels fast in a small town, no-one has a private life in a small town, which could quite possibly even be a quality about the town. Scout finds out later from her father-figure, Atticus why she should

stand in someone elses shoes before you judge. ?You never really understand a person until you climb into his skin and walk around in it? is the quote. I found this as a descent quote because it is so true. Atticus seems to be a wise person. He has taught Scout how to read and have manners, but I am still confused as to what his relation to Scout actually is. I believe father, but who calls their father by their first name? After three chapters of To Kill a Mocking-Bird, I think I may enjoy this novel. I can see it becoming an adventure novel, especially after the first page summary. It will contain already introduced characters and some not, and if that is the way that the novel turns out, I?m sure I will enjoy it. If I am wrong it should still be an interesting novel because

reading a book is better if you don?t know the outcome, much like many things in life. CHAPTER 4-6 To Kill a Mocking-Bird From chapter four, we now hear of the second summer holidays. Dill comes back and visits and we hear of the adventures of the trio. Entertainment in a small town, like Maycomb County has to be produced because there is no entertainment. In chapter 4, they roll a big tyre down the road with Scout inside. They also have a tree house and they play little skits. It brings me back to when I was a young child and myself and the neighbours of my age would play little games like this. The skit that they produced was of the Radley family. They played it most of the summer and never got bored with it. They were also very discrete about it, otherwise people would gossp,