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can be easily seen that she is scared of her father has here testimony at the Tom Robinson trial was deeply influenced by here father. Mayella Ewell felt that she could deal with this problem if she created some sort of relationship with Tom Robinson. She was not successful as her father terminated any this relationship when Mayella tried to kiss Tom Robinson. Unfortunately, Bob Ewell did not enjoy the company Tom Robinson brought Mayella, and she was beaten by Mr. Ewell. Mayella Ewell suffered not one but two forms of injustice. Injustice was more than present in this novel. By the examples of injustice in the book you can easily see that the innocent are always targeted for injustice, and the end result is always the same where the victim receives harm. This was the result when

Tom Robinson, Boo Radley, The Cunninghams, and Mayella Ewell were the recipients of some sort of injustice. This information can bring to the conclusion that no matter what form it comes in, injustice always harms the innocent mentally, economically, or physically.