To Kill A Mockingbird 2

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To Kill A Mockingbird – Who Is The Most Guilty Essay, Research Paper Who is the most guilty? Review the involvement?s of the characters in the novel and evaluate weather or not they were guilty, and if so how guilty? In the classic novel ?To Kill A Mockingbird? by Harper Lee there is an abundance of characters that could be proclaimed to be the guilty party, but who is truly the guiltiest one of all? The definition of guilt is as follows; the state of having done something wrong or committed an offense; a feeling of self-reproach from believing that one has done something wrong. My job is to examine the characters closely and determine who is the most guilty in the involvement?s of Tom Robinson?s prosecution, conviction and ultimately his death. As I stated, there is an

abundance of characters that could be guilty, from Mayella and Bob Ewell, Heck Tate, to the jurors and Atticus Finch. All of these characters play a roll in the story, and a roll in the events that happened to Tom Robinson. The story is an interesting one, but guilty parties are found throughout. The story is set against the background of nineteen thirties Southern life. The Finches are a family that once ran a large, successful plantation. Their ancestors had been aristocratic ladies and gentlemen of the south. Now they are reduced to gentle poverty. Atticus and his family live in a town named Maycomb, he is a career layer. He has a son named Jeremy and a daughter named Jean-Louse. They also have a cook named Calpernia, she is a Negro but they respect her greatly. Racism in

Maycomb is evident almost where ever you look, and Negro peoples don?t have a chance to succeed. A family that played a huge roll in the novel are named the Ewells. They live on the out skirts of town by the dump, near the Negro dwellings. The family consists of Bob, whom has a daughter named Mayella and several other siblings. In the context of the book, they are seen as no better than the Negro?s. There is a sheriff named Heck Tate, he is the one and only police officer in the small town, and a judge named Taylor, who in the end hands down Tom?s punishment. To Kill A Mockingbird deals with many primal and basic lessons in human nature. The book expresses many issues that affect people throughout there lives. The novel deals with what you feel inside, and I think that some of

the characters, or at least, they should be feeling guilt inside. Atticus seems to be a great guy, and a pretty good layer also but he too played a roll in the events that happened to Tom Robinson. Although he did try his best, he was beat before he started…and he knew this. Atticus fought vigorously for him, but failed. Tom was convicted on the charges of rape and Atticus said to him that he would try an appeal, and told him to sit tight. When Tom had been sent to a jail, he was scared for his life and tried to make a run for it, he attempted to scale a large fence. He would have made it if only for the fact that his arm lay dead at his side. He was shot seventeen times in the process. Atticus felt guilty, he was not able to convince Tom that things would work out for him. He

failed at letting Tom know that he could be free. The jurors are the single most important people in the court room, and having a clear mind of all prejudices needs to be preset. In this case it was not. The jurors virtually held Tom?s life in their hot little hands, and in their prejudicial ways crushed it without thinking twice. The members of the jurors are undoubtedly guilty because of the simple fact that there was no hard evidence that Tom did it, rape Mayella. The jurors should have reviewed the evidence with utter most care, it almost clearly pointed to Bob Ewell as the abuser simply for the fact that a right handed person would have beaten her up. Thus impossible for Tom because his arm lay useless at his side. The evidence was clear, no doctor was brought to the scene