To Kill A Mocking Bird Courag Essay

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To Kill A Mocking Bird: Courag Essay, Research Paper To Kill a Mockingbird: Courage Courage to me is bravery even in the face of fear and there are many incidences in the book that fit this description. Three of the very courageous character in the book would have to be Jem Finch, his father Atticus Finch and their next-door neighbor Boo Radley. These characters had shown bravery in the face of fear on many occasions and they should be recognized for their achievements. Jem Finch’s bravery had many ways of showing itself. He often became scared but he didn’t want anyone, especially Scout, to know it. He would often do things even if he really didn’t want to, because he was brave and proud. This pride was for himself and his family. His father was very important to him;

Jem thought it was his duty to stick up for his father when others in the town said things about him. Jem fought his hardest to fight off Bob while they were being attacked in the back of the Radley Estate (288). Without his courage while trying to fight off their attacker they probably would have been killed. Another example of courage however insignificant is Jem’s courage to run up to the Radley’s house, now although that is nothing to the average person, to a young child that has grown up not knowing this person it could certainly be a physical challenge of courage to overcome. Atticus is a very courageous character. Within the novel Atticus tried every way to help others, who were in the need of it. First of all it is courageous of Atticus to take the Tom Robinson case.

Even after his own family disagreed with him in taking it. The reason was because of the bias within the town. He risks in many ways when taking the Tom Robinson case. He risks the chance of criticism by the people living in the Maycomb County. Mrs. Dubouse criticizes him when she said, Atticus is a Niger lover! (100). By him taking this case he is standing up against the whole town and in a town like this where everybody knows everybody it is a very courageous thing to do. With many people who are prejudice living in Maycomb County, Atticus also risks the chance of not being re-elected for legislature. Secondly it is courageous of Atticus when he shoots the mad, rabid dog. By the sound of Atticus s character this is probably the most physically courageous thing he has ever done

in his life. Thirdly it is courageous of Atticus to be able to stay calm after Bob had spat in his face only a man of pure courage and persistence could hold in his rage so tightly so as not to set a bad example. Atticus is by far the most courageous character in the novel conquering many boundaries and striving to set a beaming example of the way a person should think and believe. Another courageous character within the book is Boo Radley, owner of the Radley estate. Although he didn t really do many brave and courageous things in the story, the magnitude of courage used in one of his acts makes up for it. Boo was a bit of a recluse in the book and often kept to him self, but when he went to save the Finch children from the attack of Bob Ewell (288), this act of courage changed

Boo s life forever. Boo is now seen as a hero for saving the children and a criminal for killing Bob, but a compromise is met and his act of courage goes unnoticed by most of the town. If courage is bravery in the face of fear then these characters have been very courageous throughout the book and have made the book more entertaining as well as satisfying, and without these acts of bravery and courage this book would have not been a bestseller as well as an entertaining novel to read.