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was unacceptable in those days, and had “broken a code of their society” pg.224 This rape trial was in fact based on Mayella s actions because the Ewell s knew they had to use Robinson as a scapegoat for if the truth had been exposed, society will turn its back on Mayella and she would no longer be accepted in society. Another example of the town s disapproval of mixing of classes, culture and race is Mr. Dolphus Raymond who married a Negro woman and produced mixed children, unacceptable in the eyes of the white community. The mixed children were disadvantage because “They don t belong anywhere .so they re just in betweens” Jem pg. 177 In order for the folks to stop hassling him on this matter, he had to pretend that he was an alcoholic so that people would stop

commenting and gossiping him about having a black wife. Jem and Scout clearly saw the prejudice that existed in their town and wondered why these divisions still endure ” there s just one kind of folks. Folks” Scout pg.250 The “normal” community were also prejudice of those who had different beliefs, values and ways of living. By standing up for what he believed in, Atticus and his family paid the ultimate price. Atticus Finch chose to go against the Maycomb s traditional codes of trashy blacks and upper whites and opposed of segregation, intolerance and racial inequality. But many of the folks were displeased that Atticus wanted to defend a black trash man but he stood strong and defended Tom whole-heartedly and was highly respected by the black community ” but Atticus

aims to defend this nigger. That s what I don t like about it.”pg.180 The missionary society considered Atticus to be foolish and misguided pg.257 and could not comprehend with his actions. Attitudes toward Atticus were unpleasant and heartbreaking, “Your father (Atticus) is no better than the niggers and the trash he works for.” Pg.113, Mrs. Dubose. Children and adults alike taunted the Finches with names and threats such as nigger-lover Atticus wisely explains to his Scout what a nigger lover is ignorant and trashy people use it when they think somebody s favouring Negroes over and above themselves ..ugly term to label somebody. Pg.120 Boo Radley was also an outcast of the Maycomb community because he chooses to stay inside his house. People, children especially, believed

that Boo was a threat to Maycomb and stories were made up about him, “Boo was about six and a half feet tall, his eyes popped, and he drooled most of the time.” p.14 The town s gossip, Miss Crawford told everybody everything about the Radleys and their queer ways, assuming she knew everything. The stories that she told that were passed through many ears and caused people to become unnecessarily fearful and wrongly perceived the Radley place and the Radleys. Prejudice is a distinctive characteristic of Maycomb that has covered several areas from racial hatred to social discrimination. The common verdict in all of these incidents are as a result of intolerance and lack of understanding. People such as Mrs. Dubose, the upper class and the accepted population of Maycomb failed to

understand the ways of several individuals and the Negroes and considered things from their point of view. They expressed their intolerance and prejudice through violence, inacceptance and treatment toward them.