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Atticus makes him do so. Mrs. Dubose is a morphine addict and wants to kick the habit before she dies. When she dies Atticus teaches Scout and Jem what real courage is. It is not just a man with a gun, it’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what. Calpurnia takes Scout and Jem to the Negro church. They notice the differences between their church and the Negro church such, as there is no hymnbooks. They notice that Reverend Sykes has a collection being taken up for the wife of the Negro man Atticus is defending. When they come home they find out their Aunt Alexandra is staying with them while the trial is underway. Jem and Scout become afraid that Aunt Alexandra is going to change the relationship they have with

Atticus, but finally, even Atticus recognizes the importance of their own relationship and tells them to forget all the business about the importance of family. The case causes the Finch household to act differently. Atticus and his sister disagree openly. The children realize that Atticus must be troubled, since he has never disagreed so openly with anyone. When Scout goes to her room she steps on something. She thinks it is a snake and calls Jem. Jem comes to her room and they later find out that she stepped on Dill. Dill sneaked out of his house and came to the Finch’s house. Atticus calls next door, Dill’s Aunt Rachael and they decide that Dill can stay there. At night Scout, Jem and Dill notice that Atticus is missing and go out and look for him. They find him at the

town jail protecting Tom Robinson from the lynch mob. Scout notices that one man is Mr. Cunningham. She tells him that Atticus helped him with legal problems and that she knows his son Walter and she and Jem invited him to have lunch at their house. After hearing Scout Mr. Cunningham comes to his senses and he and his men decide to leave. The trial starts Monday morning and the children see everyone heading toward the court. They sneak out of the house and also decide to go to the court. The courtroom is so crowded that Scout, Jem and Dill decide to go sit up in the balcony with the black spectators. Chapters 17-24 The children have arrived at the court room in time to hear Heck Tate testify about the basic charges against Tom Robinson. Sheriff Tate was called to the house of Bob

Ewell one night, where he found Bob’s nineteen-year-old daughter Mayella badly beaten. Mayella accused Tom of raping her. The Ewell family lives near the Maycomb town dump, adjoining the black section of town. They receive public assistance, but everyone knows that Mr. Bob Ewell spends most of his relief checks on whiskey, letting his children go hungry much of the time. Bob Ewell is a hero for saving his daughter and the town backs him. Atticus is the only calm person in the room. He has already gotten Heck Tate to testify that Mayella was bruised on the right side of her face. Now he tricks Bob Ewell into signing his name in front of everyone: Bob Ewell is left-handed. Jem, seated in the balcony, immediately sees the significance of this piece of evidence. If a left-handed

person had beaten Mayella, that would account for the fact that she was bruised on the right side of her face. Mayella’s takes the witness stand. Mayella testifies that one day she was sitting on her porch when Tom Robinson happened by and she offered to pay him a nickel to break up an old piece of furniture into kindling wood. Instead, Tom followed her inside the house, grabbed her around the throat, beat her up, and raped her.Throughout her testimony Mayella is very nervous. She seems afraid of Atticus, and thinks that he is making fun of her when he calls her “Miss”. It is obvious that Mayella is not used to being treated politely. Mayella breaks down in tears as she describes her desperate struggle with Tom. After she is finished speaking, Atticus asks Tom Robinson to

stand up. Everyone present can see that his left hand is useless and mangled. According to Tom Robinson, the incident when he broke up a piece of furniture actually took place months earlier. Since that time, he had done many small favors for Mayella. On the day the rape is supposed to have happened, Mayella asked him to come inside the house to fix a door. But once they were alone together, Mayella kissed him. Tom’s reaction to this was panic. He knew that any involvement with Mayella would mean trouble. And when Bob Ewell came in and found him and Mayella together, Tom ran away as fast as he could.At one point, he gets Tom to tell the court the reason why he did so many favors for Mayella: He felt sorry for her. Mayella had no friends, and she spent her whole life taking care