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They make a compromise: Scout can keep on reading at home, but she will have to go back to school and try to get along better with her teacher. An important line was said to Scout by her father. Atticus said “You never really understand a person until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” She will recall back to this quote many times through out the story. Nothing really interesting happens until the spring, when Scout and Jem discover that someone is leaving small objects in a knothole in an old oak tree on the corner of the Radley property. At first, when Scout finds two sticks of chewing gum wrapped in shiny silver foil. They also find two old Indian head pennies in the knothole. The pennies are in very good condition. One day they decide to take turns rolling

down the street inside an old car tire they found. On her first ride, Scout gets pushed too fast and ends up rolling into the forbidden territory of the Radleys’ front yard. She doesn’t tell the boys, but she is sure that she heard someone laughing at them from inside the Radley house. As the summer goes on, Jem and Dill become inseparable buddies. For the first time, Scout feels left out because she is a girl. She forms a special friendship with Miss Maudie, a widowed lady who lives next door. Miss Maudie hates her house and so she spends as much time as possible working outdoors in her garden. Miss Maudie also makes fun of Miss Stephanie Crawford, the neighborhood gossip. At this point in the story, I feel that Miss Maudie’s opinions come out of nowhere. On the last night

of Dill’s summer visit, he and Jem come up with their most daring game yet. They are going to sneak up onto the Radley porch after dark and peek through a window. Jem goes first, and he crawled across the porch to one of the windows when, suddenly, Scout sees the shadow of a man fall across the porch. The three children run for their lives, and as they flee they hear the gun fire of a shotgun. In their hurry to get away, Jem’s jeans get caught on a wire fence. He jumps out of them and runs for his life. They try and fool Atticus with their explanation that Jem lost his pants to a game of strip poker! In the middle of the night Jem goes back to the Radley place to get his pants. To his surprise the pants were mended and neatly hung over the wires. Later in the fall Jem and

Scout find more things in the knothole. They find two small dolls carved out of soap, a whole pack of chewing gum, and finally an old pocket watch with a penknife attached. Nathan Radley fills the knothole with cement suggesting that the tree was dying. He said that the cement would stop the rot from spreading. However, Atticus says that the tree is not dying. For the first time in more than a hundred years, snow falls in Maycomb County. Miss Maudie attempts to keep her house plants from freezing by leaving the flue of her kitchen stove open while she goes to bed. Her house catches fire and burns to the ground. While Jem and Scout are freezing outside watching the fire, someone puts a blanket around them. They suspect that Boo put the blanket around them because he was the only

one who was not helping out with the fire. Scout was disappointed because she had the chance to see Boo and she didn t. Chapter 9-16 Chapter 9 starts off with Cecil Jacobs telling Scout her father is a “nigger lover.” Instead of fighting and letting Atticus down she decides to back down from a fight for the first time. Christmas approaches and they go to Finch’s Landing to spend time with Uncle Jack, Aunt Alexandra, her husband, Uncle Jimmy and their grandson Francis. Atticus gets Scout and Jem air rifles for Christmas. Scout could not stand it anymore and gets into a fight with Francis. Francis had been telling Scout that Atticus is a “nigger lover.”Uncle Jack yells and spanks Scout but later realizes he was wrong. He learns from Scout that he should hear both sides of

a story before inflicting punishment. Atticus is criticized by Aunt Alexandra for the manner in which he is raising his children. Scout and Jem realize that Atticus is relatively old and does not do all the things Scout’s schoolmate’s fathers do. But after witnessing their father shoot and kill old Tim Johnson who had gone mad, Atticus is a hero to them. They are later told that that their father had the best shoot in town and was called “One Shoot Finch”. One day when Scout and Jem were going to town they passed by Mrs. Dubose’s house. She started to make fun of them and Atticus. Jem responds by cutting the tops of every camellia Mrs. Dubose owns. Atticus finds out what Jem did and makes him go apologize to her. She wants Jem to read to her every day for a month and