To Kill A Mocking Bird 2 Essay

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To Kill A Mocking Bird 2 Essay, Research Paper To Kill A Mockingbird I. About the Author II. Characters III. Theme — Prejudice IV. Chapter Summaries ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28 1926 in Monroeville Alabama. Monroeville is in southwest Alabama, about halfway between Montgomery and Mobile. She is the youngest of four children of Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Finch Lee. She has two sisters, Alice and Louise and one brother, Edwin. Harper Lee attended Huntingdon College 1944-45, studied law at University of Alabama 1945-49, and studied one year at Oxford University. In the 1950s she worked as a reservation clerk with Eastern Air Lines and BOAC in New York City. In order to concentrate on writing Harper Lee gave up her position with the airline and

moved into a cold-water apartment with makeshift furniture. Her father’s sudden illness forced her to divide her time between New York and Monroeville. In 1957 Miss Lee submitted the manuscript of her novel to the J. B. Lippincott Company. She was told that her novel consisted of a series of short stories strung together, and she was urged to re-write it. For the next two and a half years she re-worked the manuscript with the help of her editor, Tay Hohoff, and in 1960 To Kill a Mockingbird was published. This was her only published book. In June of 1966, Harper Lee was one of two persons named by President Johnson to the National Council of Arts. CHARACTERS: Atticus Finch Atticus Finch sets a standard of morality that no other character in the book comes close to

matching.Atticus is a stable and mature figure who is able to cope with the unreasonable and highly emotional element of the town. He is one of the few people, in the town of Maycomb, who understand the the individual worth of a persons regardless of the color of skin. Atticus was assigned to Tom Robinson’s case. Atticus knows that the case will be unfair and he will lose. He is the only lawyer to put some doubt in the minds of the jury. He does a good job, but nevertheless he loses the case. Atticus always teaches his children that they must learn to be compassionate and understanding of the problems and conditions of life faced by other people. “You never know the person until jump into their skin and walk around in it” said Atticus. He is a great role model for his

children. Jem Finch Scout’s older brother Jeremy, or Jem, Finch is a couple of yeas older than Scout. He tell Scout to never talk to him in school. Jem is also the more thoughtful of the Finch children. Unlike Scout, who is a fighter, Jem seems determined to obey his father’s request to avoid fighting. Jem is also think of plans to get Boo out of his house. At the end of the book Jem brakes his arm at the elbow by Bob Ewell. Calpuria Calpurnia is the black cook and housekeeper for the Finches. She is treated almost as if she were a member of the family. In some ways she even takes the place of Scout and Jem’s dead mother. She raised the children in a very strict manner. Aunt Alexander does not approve of the Cal to be bring up the children. Calpuria lives two lives. When

she is with her black friends she talks like one of them.. When she comes back in contact with the white population she talks very proper. Cal has a son that sings in the black church. Miss Maudie Miss Maudie is a lady who lives across the street from the Finch’s. She is very fond of the Finch children. She spends most of her time outside in her garden and little time inside her house. She is one of only a few people who really support Atticusin defending Tom Robinson. She is one of the few people to defend Boo Radley’s right to remain in his house. She treats the children like adults and never tries to deceive them in any way. Arthur Radley (Boo) Arthur Radley, called Boo Radley by the children is a mysterious neighbor who the children have never seen. Once, during the fire,