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product. Another country that is requiring labels on GM foods is the United Kingdom. Since 1998 and before, campaigners in the UK have been putting increasing amounts of pressure on supermarkets and trying to raise awareness with consumers. The new bill now requires restaurants and supermarkets to identify any products, meals, or foods that have been genetically modified. This gives consumers the right to boycott such products as they wish. In Australia, a panel of people who did not have prior knowledge about genetic engineering, delivered a report to the president of the Australian Senate. After hearing views of experts on both sides of the argument, the Senate is now acting to require labeling of GE Food and to generally take a more precautionary stand on genetically modified

foods being sold to the consumer. The long term effects of eating these genetically modified foods are truly unknown. Even if there was some way of testing the long term affects to humans, animals and the environment, we still may never know the total benefits or problems which may come from these modified genes unless we take a chance to try them. It may be that genetically modified food can benefit us a great deal, but we cannot know that at this time because not enough testing has not been done. Most scientists do claim that GE food may be very safe, but mention that the long term effects are still unknown. So the question given to you the consumer is “To eat or not to eat” these genetically modified products. Bibliography Wilson, C. (06-01-1005). Nutraceuticals. Food in

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