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traditional family and oppose gay marriage. Families are viewed as the essential element of society. The health of the family has a greater impact on society than anything else. Parents are the fundamental key to a child’s upbringing. Children need a normal family that can care for them and teach them proper discipline and right from wrong. Today, there is an incredibly high divorce rate of nearly 50 percent. The traditional family unit is becoming an endangered species in a society that has significant social problems including juvenile delinquency and teen pregancy. For example, Andy, a seventeen-year-old boy, lives with his single mother. He always stays out late with a rough crowd. He uses drugs and stays out late at night. His mother doesn’t have the time to spend with

him and teach him right from wrong because she works two jobs and barely makes enough to be above poverty level. Moreover, Andy doesn’t believe there is true love in the world because he feels unloved and hopeless. Nothing harms children more than losing the support and involvement of a parent. Also, in a gay marriage gay couples are allowed to adopt children. How do the children in this kind of abnormal family feel and view the world? Do they get confused with gender orientation and have less self-esteem? Traditional families have helped society raise more healthy children and thereby establishing a more stable society than families that are not traditional. Liberals argue that divorce and gay marriage are part of human nature. They say that sexual orientation and divorce are

individual decisions and that the government can’t regulate individual decision making. They say that people have the right to choose and gay marriage should be allowed if it is between consenting adults. Liberals conclude that people don’t have to live in traditional families because the world is changing. However, divorce and gay marriage will affect our future as a society. Alternative life styles such as divorce and gay marriage cause more stress and mental problems for those people who live in these situations. Children are affected by divorce and non-traditional families thus causing children to have lower self-esteem and a faulty view of life. People should take responsibility for themselves, their families and to the society to whom they owe something. The government

needs to encourage the health and survival of the traditional family and to discourage the tide of divorce and gay marriage. The strength of the conservative point of view is support for traditional moral values and the family as the cornerstones of society. In today’s American society, there is too much immoral behavior. Too many people do not take responsibility for themselves. Consequently, there are too many people that do not see that they have a responsibility for their own society. In other words, people are becoming selfish and self-centered. They pursue their own pleasures and desires with “a blind freedom” simply because they have a right to do this. The impact of this problem is that it affects the next generation as well. As a result, immoral behaviors are seen

as normal and part of society. The next generation’s own moral and social development will be damaged. At the same time, many of our social problems such as poverty, the abortion rate and rape will increase. We should have a moral standard that is traditional and high for everyone in our society. People should be educated to have traditional moral values. Peter for example is an eighteen years old dropout who has no respect for his family nor his teachers nor his neighborhood. He thinks it’s funny to humiliate his teachers and terrorize his neighbors. He does not value school, religion or any kind of moral value system that society views as important. To him, the “man with the gun” has the power to get what he wants. Some liberals claim that traditional moral values

limits people’s freedom, and they go on to argue that it violates human rights to try to control moral behavior. Do people have the right to choose their life style? Certainly the government doesn’t have the right to regulate people’s personal choices. However, there is no such thing as absolute freedom in any society. When the freedom of one harms others and the interests of society, the government has the right to stop it. With the recent presidential election, people should consider what is important. Social welfare and the breakdown of the traditional family and moral values are the most important problems facing society. Conservatives feel that they can deal with these problems better than liberals. The republican, which represent a more conservative philosophy is a