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shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Gen. 2:24 NASB). With sex not only comes a physical intimacy and closeness, but a spiritual and emotional closeness as well (Elliot, 1984). Now, as I just stated, sex isn’t the only way to be intimate. Neither are other physical acts that couples engage in. But getting acquainted, talking, and spending time with someone results in the emotional and spiritual intimacy as well. The more time you spend with someone results in the emotional and spiritual intimacy as well. The more time you spend with someone and the more you get to know that person, the more intimate you will become. That is why you want to be very careful with how much time and effort you put into a

relationship with someone. If at some point you and that other person break up, there will be and emotional tear and a scar that will result from that intimacy you had with them being broken (Harris, 1997). Lets focus back on the physical intimacy that often happens in dating. This part I know all to well from experience. As a couple begins to date and spend more and more time together, more than likely, they will begin to get physical in someway or another. This is because that is what’s natural. With emotional closeness comes physical intimacy. The problem with this is again, becoming too physical, too soon. Most couples start with holding hands, which is followed by hugs and kisses, which in turn can lead to make-out sessions and “petting.” Then the last stage is

intercourse (Ryle, 1886). So you might ask, “Well, I know that sex before marriage is wrong, so how far can I go before I get married?” Oh man! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that line before. Let me tell you that as a Christian we shouldn’t be asking ourselves, “How close to the line can I go,” but instead, should be striving to become more like Christ. We should instead ask ourselves, “How pure can I be?” I think that if we start to take an attitude more like that, then before we even begin to get intimate with another person, a lot of problems will be avoided ahead of time (Clark, 2000). So should we not date in order to avoid these temptations that plague our culture and rituals with dating? Whether you decide to date or not, you will be tempted.

Even in courtship and arranged marriages, there is temptation (Harris, 1997). The question that you need to ask yourself or the decision that you need to make is to remain holy and godly in all your relationships, both romantic relationships and those with all of your friends. Also, you need to make a commitment to sexual and physical purity (Elliot, 1984). Then the dating thing is really up to you and God (Clark, 2000). I don’t think that dating is wrong or evil. But I do think that the way we treat it and the decisions we make will greatly affect our success at this great game we call the MATING GAME! Bibliography References: Clark, J. (2000). I Gave Dating a Chance. Colorado Springs: Waterbrook Press. Elliot, E. (1984). Passion and Purity: Learning to Bring Your Love Life

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