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Headquarters in Venice. This man was significant in Titian?s life because of the great influence he placed on Titian?s style of work. The similarities between the two artists is so nominal that scholars have had trouble telling their work apart on unsigned paintings. Among others who influenced Titian?s career, are the Spanish Habsburgs, as mentioned previously. He had close relationships with Charles V, Francis I, Alfonso and Isabella d’Este, the Houses of Ferrara and Urbino, which made him the first of the princely painters of the Renaissance and the one whose position was most international and well known over all others. Charles V was by far one of his greatest admirers. Charles V made Titian a count and had him brought to Augsburg two times as court painter. Charles? son,

Philip II continued the bond with Titian after his father?s death in 1558. The fact that these people brought Titian fame and wealth is not even the least of it, but they brought him a great social position as well. (?Encyclopedia of World Biography? 242-243) One woman, Cecilia, began a relationship with Titian in the early 1520?s, with whom he had two children with before they married, and two after they married in 1525. Unfortunately, Cecilia passed away in 1530, just five years after they were wed. (Magill 2311) The work of Titian holds great influence on the world of art, even today. During the latter years of his life, Titian strove inexhaustibly to try to capture feelings that were ever-changing. Every time he would create a new impression, he would see another element of

beauty to either add or alter in the piece of work. The air of distress and sadness that rested on Titian with these efforts are shown in the succeeding works of his lifetime. It is thought that this aura of sorrow is capable of moving a person so much that a sadness like this is only found in Rembrandt’s last portraits, and no other accomplished artists?. Titian?s work is significant for this effect of inspiring and stirring emotion in even the tamest heart. (?Encyclopedia of World Biography? 242-243) Titian?s style of art, and his masterful techniques with religious art, mythical compositions, and successive glazes have never been surpassed. They influence generations of artists to come, and will continue to do so as long as his work is studied. His place in the Italian High

Renaissance will never be overlooked. Titian?s health, inherited from his mountain race, along with his tendencies toward order, balance, and determination, defined the dominant characteristics of the art that he created. He is credited for his being capable of expressing beauty which springs from the deepest happiness of life, and granted his art with that sort of expression. His art was important and has influenced artists after him. He is considered to be a magnificent creator of beauty, which is a well-suited consideration.