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Titanium 2 Essay, Research Paper Titanium Titanium is an extremely light material. It is a pure substance found on the periodic table of elements. Titanium is found in many products that we use everyday, such as tennis racquets and paint. Titanium is number 22 on the periodic table of elements. It has an atomic mass of 47.867. The symbol in which you can find titanium with is Ti. William Gregor in England discovered titanium. He discovered it in 1791. He noticed it in a mineral menachanite. It was rediscovered by a German, a few years later by a man named Klaproth. Titanium has, in fact, many spellings. In French it is spelled titane. In Italian and Spanish it is spelled titanio. In German it is spelled Titan. The reason for the likeness in spellings of Spanish, French, and

Italian is that they were both derived from Latin, so the bird didn t stray far from the coup. The origin of the name for titanium is from the Titans who were the sons of the goddess of Earth. Titanium has many uses. It is used as joint replacement parts (such as hip-ball and sockets), it is used for the parts on sea-ships exposed to water, it is used for paint, it is used for airframes and engines in aerospace products, and it is used for sports products that strike something (usually a ball). Titanium is a solid at 298K. It has five naturally occurring isotopes, and they are Ti, Ti, Ti, Ti, and Ti. Titanium s electronic configuration is [Ar] .3d .4s. Titanium has many physical properties. The density of titanium is 4.54 g/cm . It has an electrical resistivity of 40/ 10 m.

Titanium has a melting point of 1941K or 1668 C. Titanium has a boiling point of 3560K or 3287 C. Titanium combines with many materials to form compounds. Hydrides which is TiH . It has a formula weight of 49.896. Hydrides have an electronic configuration of [Ar].3d . Titanium also combines with oxygen to form oxides. It is TiO. It has a formula weight of 63.879. It has an electronic configuration of [Ar].3d . Titanium is used in some aspects of science. It has no biological use. Titanium is found everywhere in inanimate objects. It is often used in geology. Titanium is very interesting to study. It is cool, and is used everywhere. It is so awesome that you should go out and study it.