Titanic Death Of A Titan Essay Research

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Titanic: Death Of A Titan Essay, Research Paper After years of construction and work, the Titanic was finally ready for her maiden voyage. The beginning of her voyage was to take place on the morning of April 10, of 1912 at approximately 10:00am. The firs of Titanic passengers began to board the ship. Most of these passengers were British residents who had journeyed to Titanic by means of transportation either that a boat train. The real precipitance came when the boat train arrived. People rich or poor were scattered all aver Southampton?s bay, attempting to find their gangway. After the second and third class passengers boarded, the firs class passengers were to be escorted to their cabins. Approximately at 12:00pm Titanic was ready to set sail. After Titanic sets out into

the open sea, her water displacement causes mooring ropes of the New York, which was a small ship, to brake. Which causes her stern to swing towards Titanic’s mighty bow. Titanic official?s quick actions prevent a catastrophic collision. After hours delayed the Titanic finally sets sail into the open sea headed towards Cherbourg, France. The Titanic lowered her anchor when arrived at Cherbourg, France, at about 5:30pm of the same day. More passengers boarded the Titanic. At approximately 8:10pm Titanic raised her anchor and sailed towards Queenstown, Ireland. She arrived at Queenstown at around 11:30am of the next morning to pick up more passengers and 1,385 bags of mail as well. Now Titanic once more raised anchor and by 1:30 she was on her way to New York. It was 11:30pm of

the night of April 14, of 1912. As Titanic sped through the darkness towards its doom, the majority of the passengers and crew had not the slightest inkling idea that they were in danger at all. The last games of cards were breaking up. The last conversations were ending. Most passengers were already in bed, but the few who remained, were heading towards their cabins. Though the passengers settled, the officers on the bridge kept a sharp look out for anything in Titanic?s path. Ice reports had been sent to the Titanic all day form other ships but Titanic?s wireless operators chose to neglect the messages and so Titanic sailed in to history. High up in the crows nest, were lookouts Fleet and Lee. They to kept a sharp look out. Fleet peered into the darkness. He saw an object

darker than night it self, coming towards the Titanic. He picked up the phone and yelled into it ?Ice burg right ahead? ?Thank you? the officer on the other line replied. Every one on the bridge were altered, as the officers made the desperate attempt to steer the giant ship around the iceberg. But the ship was to close, and she and she hit along the starboard side of Titanic. ?What have we hit?? asked captain smith walking out of his room. ?An iceberg sir? replied Officer Murdoch. The Titanic had hit an iceberg and the freezing Atlantic was rushing into her bow below. After the collision with the iceberg, the only thing left to save the passengers and crew, were the lifeboats. After the grinding jar, Captain Smith ordered the lifeboats to be uncovered. Meanwhile stewards past

through the halls telling all the passengers to get their life jackets on. Many people didn?t take this seriously and wanted to stay in their room. Finally with the firs class passengers on the top decks, the lifeboats were ready to be lowered. Now it was up to the crew to get the first class passengers safely into the lifeboats. The crewmen ordered for women and children firs. Many women weren?t willing to leave their husbands. They thought the nice warm ship was the better place to be, other than that dinky, little lifeboat. Ida Straus refused to leave her husband, Isador, stating that she would go were her husband would go. As time went by, the band on the Titanic, lead by Wallace Harley, played to try to keep the passengers calm. No one really thought the unsinkable ship was