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gets her in a lot of trouble, yet ends up being one of the qualities that helps her deal with her problems. Meg uses her anger to drive away things she is afraid of or does not understand. For example, when Meg is talking with Aunt Beast she explains about being afraid, I m less afraid when I m angry. Through this anger come strength and the confidence that she is able to do anything; she is able to deal with her problems by herself. This anger also helps her figure out what she has that IT does not have in the final battle. She becomes angry to gain that strength, but she realizes that IT has anger and can gain strength from his anger too, but IT does not have love. Meg s love for her brother is what IT cannot duplicate or imitate. Only through her anger is this discovered, and

with that, strength comes to a more self-reliant Meg. Meg is no different then any other teenager. She learns that the things that once held her back in life; her anger, impatience, and stubbornness can also be good qualities to have. These very qualities are what make her an individual that no one can duplicate; she is someone special. These weaknesses, in the end, turn out to be strengths in her fight against IT. They happen to be very powerful traits as she uses her stubbornness to not buy into IT s way of life. These traits help her figure out that love is the key in the battle for her brother and father. This process of change is something all teenagers go through at some time in their lives.