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government s ability to carry on the war, and set the stage for the Emancipation Proclamation. The third and most critical point came in the summer and fall of 63. Victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg within a few days of each other ultimately turned the tide toward northern victory. The victory at Vicksburg gave the Union complete control of the Mississippi River, a vital part of the Anaconda Plan. This cut the southern states off from their food supplies in Texas and other areas west of the Mississippi. Gettysburg was the turning point in the war. It was the largest army Lee would ever have, and it was the farthest north he would ever get with a substantial amount of troops. Lee had every chance to win the battle but made an uncharacteristic mistake on the first day of the

battle by forgetting to take the high ground. In addition, rarely was insubordination seen in the Confederate ranks, but a commanding officer named Ewell blatantly ignored Lee s orders and was a contributing factor to the loss. After his defeat, Lee was on the defensive until finally surrendering at Appomatox. The south s last chance at victory came in the summer of 64. The tremendous number of casualties and lack of progress in Virginia almost brought the north to peace negotiations and the election of a Democratic president who would end the war. Sherman s total war campaign against Georgia, his march to Atlanta and eventual capture of the city devastated the countryside and moral of the people. The capture of Atlanta clinched a victory for Lincoln in the upcoming election and

only then did it become possible to speak of the north s inevitable victory. The south lost the will to fight when it realized it could no longer win the war. The Confederate military campaigns, which in the early part of the war had inspired its civilians and military men alike, now brought doubt and a lack of confidence. The timely success of the Union, guaranteed victory and completion of the war. Only then did the south experience an irretrievable loss of the will to fight.”