Timeout Essay Research Paper 1What criteria did

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Timeout Essay, Research Paper 1.What criteria did Cadbury Ireland use in developing TimeOut? Cadbury’s Ireland in determining criteria for developing TimeOut, looked at it’s strengths and competencies which it felt it had expertise or could gain competitive advantage in. It identified three technologies, which would fall into this category. I.Extrusion 2.Flake chocolate manufacture 3.Wafer making and baking Cadbury’s Ireland combined these three area’s of excellence (i.e. core competencies) to develop a product to fill the bridge-brand position, which would directly compete against it’s competitors of Twix and KitKat in the bar-biscuit market. Cadbury must also consider another factor in developing TimeOut. This is Dairy Milk chocolate. Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate

is made from fresh Irish milk and is used in all of Cadbury’s products, as well as being marketed separately under the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand. But the most important criteria for developing TimeOut was the way in which Cadbury defined market segments. Cadbury defines segments on the basis of how customers buy rather than on how a product is made. This method of defining market segments allowed Cadbury Ireland to identify a significant consumption pattern whereby the take-home segment is increasing its share of the confectionery market. They also noticed an overlap in the marketplace where brands which were traditionally seen as bars, were now spreading out into the biscuit market. This criteria meant that Cadbury Ireland would have to develop a product, which would sit into

this bridge-brand position between the bar and biscuit market, i.e. it would be equally satisfying to the confectionery market as a bar in it’s own right, and to the biscuit market as a snack at break time. 2.Which marketing mix variables were most important in positioning TimeOut? The marketing mix variables also known as the 4 P’s are product, pricing, packaging and promotion. The most important marketing mix variable in the positioning of TimeOut were product, packaging, and promotion. Given the power of retailers Cadbury had little discretion in the determination of the price of TimeOut. Therefore the issue of pricing was not that important in the positioning of TimeOut. In positioning TimeOut as a bridge-brand product between the bar and biscuit market the most important

marketing mix variable was essentially the product. Cadbury Ireland needed to create a product which would contain enough biscuit to satisfy the biscuit market, while containing enough chocolate to equally satisfy the bar market. They achieved this through a technological advance which allowed them to layer flake on to wafer. TimeOut consists of a flake centre, sandwiched between two wafers and covered in dairy milk chocolate. In TimeOut, Cadbury Ireland seemed to of found a unique mix of chocolate and biscuit to satisfy both markets. Other considerations under product were the name and the wrapper layout. It was discovered that using a name indicating the timing and situation in which the bar should be consumed greatly enhanced the customers understanding of what the product was

designed for. The name TimeOut effectively portrays the intentions of TimeOut to be a bar taken at snack time. This idea was supported by the picture of a clock and a mug on the wrapper, to again suggest usage at snack time. The colour scheme of the wrapper is also interesting. The blue/red/yellow colour scheme makes TimeOut stand out in a market which is predominantly uses darker colour schemes such as black/brown or gold. The lighter colour scheme of TimeOut is more easily associated with light biscuity bars, referring to the wafer parts in TimeOut, and also giving the image of TimeOut as a lighter, healthier bar. TimeOuts packaging configuration was very important. If TimeOut only established themselves in standard format first and then proceeded to expand into all the