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Time Travel Essay, Research Paper Time Travel has always been a fascination with many people. People often dream about going back in time, to live the simple life, or to gain knowledge, or even to rule over the less knowledgeable. Many novels are written about these fascinations. Three novels that stand out are “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur Court” by Mark Twain, “Timeline” by Michael Crichton and “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells. All of these books deal with a different aspect of why people want to travel forward or backward through time. Many people believe that time travel does not exist. But many well know physicists have proven that time travel does exist, but say that will not happen for several more years. Time and space have fascinated man since the

dawn of civilisation. People have spent aeons thinking about these concepts and the ideas behind them. The Greeks, the Romans, the English, all have stared at the heavens and wondered. As the boundaries of physics are pushed back and back it is becoming clear that whoever understands the laws of physics best will be able to travel through time and space, easily gaining a dominant position in the known Universe. There are many different theories about time travel, and how it could quite possibly be done. Physicists have found the law of nature, which prevents time travel paradoxes, and thereby permits time travel. It turns out to be the same law that makes sure light travels in straight lines, and which underpins the most straightforward version of quantum theory, developed half a

century ago by Richard Feynman. Einstein said that time itself is relative. Time slows down at high speeds and in strange gravity. So far, we haven’t developed the technology to travel through time. But is this because we’re not advanced enough to figure it out. An unknown author once wrote a small poem dealing with Einstein s theory: There was a young lady called Bright Who could travel much faster than light; She went out one day, In a relative way, And came back the previous night. – Author unknown Time travel does not have only one use instead it has many. One of these reasons to travel in time has been around for centuries and continues to haunt us to this very day. Power plays a major role in past and present societies. Mark Twain emphasizes this in his novel “A

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur court.” A young man, by the name of Clarence, is transported back into the time of the medieval knights. Clarence did not believe at first that he was actually in this time. What year is it? 513. 513! You don t look it! Come, my boy, I am a stranger and friendless: be honest and honorable with me. Are you in your right mind? He said he was. After being convinced that he was actually in the 6th century, Clarence began to worry as to how he had actually gotten there. Although he never really sets foot on medieval grounds, he dreams of what it would be like if he was actually there. Being from the future, Clarence had much greater knowledge then any other person at this time. He easily took over the people of this time, after having to prove

himself by predicting a solar eclipse. He is able to win over the companionship of some of the locals. Then with his unsurpassed knowledge he is able to pass himself off as a magician even more powerful then Merlin himself. He uses this power to benefit himself. He winds up as a very high up consultant to King Arthur himself, and gets put in charge of many people. With his new found wealth and manpower, he slowly begins a take over of the lands, and in the end of the book, he battles with Merlin himself. Then all of a sudden he wakes up on his bed in modern times; it was all just a dream. Even though the tale of a Connecticut Yankee traveling to King Arthur s court might not have been real, many people still have thoughts about conquering the world. This novel is just an example