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"you can’t go in there you don’t have clearance". "Check out our presence with you commanding officer" snapped Steven "he’ll tell you what were here for" and busily set about removing panels from the main console. The guard, not wanting to get into trouble, went off to try and find his superior officer. Susan eyed Steven dubiously as he fiddled around on the floor in a mess of wires and then made a comment, which in retrospect, both of them would live to regret, "Your flies open" "oh thanks" said Steven and hastily did it up. At that moment a loud siren rang out all around the building. "What does that mean" inquired Susan with more than a hit of fear in her voice, "It means" said Steven not looking up

from what he was doing, "That our friend has found his commanding officer a lot sooner than I expected him to". "How much sooner" said a very anxious Susan "a lot" was the only reply she got. "Stop what you are doing and throw any weapons that you may be carrying onto the floor" Ordered a stout military official pointing a gun at Steven. "I’m afraid I can’t do that". Replied Steven in defiance. "I’ll shoot!" warned the officer. "I believe you" came the reply. "Susan you are free to go I don’t want to see innocent people get hurt". "But what about you?" she protested, "I’ll be fine", lied Steven "Go on, get out of here!" Susan did as she was told and allowed her

self to be taken away. " Now you sonny Jim. Come with me and there won’t be any trouble "I have already told you I can’t" "Then it’s the end of the road for you my boy" Steven, who had by this time finished disarming the rocket, suddenly felt this great rush of anger surge through his body. "DON’T CALL ME THAT!!!" he said dangerously. "I’ll call you what ever I damn well fell like!" said the officer. That tore it, Steven charged at the man. He felt the sting of the bullets piercing his skin before he heard the crack of the gun and as he slumped to the ground the top of the zip of his flies connected 2 of the wires that were strune in a heap on the floor. From some were out side Steven heard a rocket take off

"Bugger" said Steven and then died. For we cannot change the past as the past is what makes us and without it we are nothing.