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for “Actions pending.” Respect other people?s time and avoid forwarding all those stories people love to send you. Delete junk E-mail without reading it. Learn to use your filters to eliminate spammers. Time is valuable, and time management can help you be more productive. There is also a bonus: it can help to relieve stress and allow you both to Time and Stress Management 4 enjoy your life and work more. The problem with all these tips though, is that some people become such a time and stress management fanatic they end up wasting more time by trying to manage it. What some people need, suggests Don Clark, at Big Dog?s Leadership Page, is to analyze how you spend your time and implement a few, not all, time saving methods that will gain them the most time. One thing that

most people don?t understand is that time is not adaptable. The number of hours in the day remains 24 and the number of hours in a week is 168 , no matter what. Time cannot be controlled but it can be managed, and the essence of time management is self-management. Once you?ve got yourself organized, then you?ll have less stressful times, and be a much better person all together. Remember, time management equals stress management. The main reason I chose this topic, was because I?m horrible at managing my time. I work my best under stress but can not manage time to save my life. My dad on the other hand, who owns his own grocery store is very organized but can not manage his stress. Trust me, it?s not a pretty sight. That is why I wanted to research what it takes to manage time

and stress effectively. I?ve already applied several of the tips to my everyday life, for once I didn?t put off writing my speech until the night before. I just put it off until the last week, just kidding. All these tips are not only useful in your everyday work life, but they can easily be applied to school. With finals coming up for many of us in the very near future, what better time to get you self together and get organized. See how much of a difference it makes. Time and Stress Management 5 Bibliography References Babior and Goldman, (1996). Overcoming Panic, Anxiety and Phobias. La Jolla: Whole Person Press. Clark, D. Big Dog?s Leadership Page – Time Management. [Online] Available: http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/leadertime.html Dubrin, A. (2000). Essentials of

Management. South-Western College Publishing. McMahon, G. Time Management for Stress Management Practitioners. [Online] Available: http://www.isma.org.uk/timemanagement.htm Smith, G. Are You Managing Time or is Time Managing You?. [Online]. Available: http://www.tsbj.com/editorial/03041010.htm 33b