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Tim Winton’s That Eye The Sky Essay, Research Paper Q. If you studied two written texts this year, show how the authors use similar or different techniques to express their ideas. Literature is based on a series of ideas. The way that these are expressed within texts are always dependent on an author s individual techniques. Through the utilisation of symbolism, characterisation, irony and style of narrative, JD Salinger s Catcher In The Rye and Tim Winton s That Eye, the Sky explore several ideas evolving around the paramount theme childhood, innocence and the physiological effects associated with tragedy within an adolescent s life. Salinger s Catcher In the Rye, has a title which takes on symbolic importance. It expresses and symbolises the idea of the transition between

childhood to adulthood. This is expressed through the metaphor of falling and the imagery of the catcher in the rye which stems from the notion of playing children freely enjoying their youth in a rye field, only to inevitably approach the looming threat of falling off the cliff. Through this, the rye field becomes a symbol for the freedom and purity of childhood. Holden wants to shield the children from the hidden cliff, which symbolizes the cruel realities of the adult world and be the catcher when they fall. This is Salinger s technique of expressing the idea that children are not phonies; they live and love without artifice and ulterior motives and to demonstrate that Holden wants to be a part of that world, not the grown-up world of pretension and cruelty. Nevertheless, the

realistic Phoebe points out that Holden has misquoted Burns, for the poem goes, “If a body meet a body coming through the rye”, not “if a body catch a body.” Through this correction, Salinger demonstrates through the agent of Phoebe, the idea that denying adulthood is unrealistic or in other words, Holden s goal is unattainable, because he does not even know what the song means. Furthermore, through the symbolism of the rye field and that nobody can stay within its safe confines forever, reveals the idea that everyone must change and grow up. It is ironic that Holden is unable to prevent his own fall, which looms large over him. Winton s title, That Eye, the Sky, on the other hand, has a thematic importance in expressing his ideas of religion, as well as linking place and

spirituality. Initially, the sky is introduced symbolically as an eye between the trees, big branches like eyelashes across it and is used to reflect what is happening beneath it. Ort confides to it as theres no one to talk to except the big sky . and it is honest enough. It is clear Ort perceives this sky to be the eye of God, the creator of humans, the traditional source of light in human beings. This is also the same light, small and fat like a woolly sheep seen above his house which enhances the notion that Ort is watched over all night and day . It also represents the faith Ort and his mum have embraced that gave them the strength to go on. Religious symbolism, seems to be emphasised again, for this light could be parallel to the star of Bethlehem shining over the birth of

Jesus in the stables, which lured his first followers. Similarly, this cloud, like a protective halo, is a symbol of a potential new beginning, a rebirth – perhaps a baptising – as well as the guiding light which draws Henry to the Flacks. It is important to note the contrast of the false eye Warburton wears which doesn t see anything as it emphasises the idea that Henry is a flawed messenger. He mimics the words of god, just as his eye mimics the eye in the sky, the true eye . Winton, in this case, is critically revealing the idea that it is important to trust one s own faith within the lord, rather that the priests, pastors or other leaders of religion for they too can be flawed in interpreting God s messages. Nevertheless, on a more similar note, That Eye The Sky expresses