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also very old and traditional. The book states that in the olden days, girls would immediately marry after the ceremony (89). This ceremony is so very symbolic that I cannot nearly include most of the examples. This event obviously is not known throughout most of the United States, which is another reason that this is an example of the mythic present. I feel most people would be shocked to watch the entire ceremony and their beliefs of Indian culture would change as well. As mentioned earlier, the “mythic present” is the idea that the Apache are in many ways living in the same manner as they did hundreds of years ago despite the many ways society has changed over those years. These examples as well as many more are evidence that the Apache indeed do live in the mythic

present. “The mythic present does a lot of work in today’s life” (25). 3a5 Farrer, Claire R. 1994 Thunder Rides A Black Horse Waveland Press Inc., Prospect Heights, IL