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different approach. He gets the narrator to draw the cathedral on a construction paper like shopping bag. Robert follows through the motions of the narrator and seemingly tries to make out the cathedral. The narrator gets all into it and tries hard to draw a picture that will give at least a hint of what a cathedral is like. The narrator finishes up the drawing and Robert suggests that the narrator closes his eyes and continue to draw. The narrator agrees as if to try to see if he could be able to still draw the cathedral with his eyes shut. “I think you got it, take a look. What do you think?” Robert asked (228). But the narrator decided not to open his eyes, for I believe he has just seen how remarkable it is to be blind. In conclusion I believe the narrator went through a

life learning experience. He was afraid of the unfamiliar. He judged another being that he had never even met. He then got to be familiar with the unfamiliar. He then made a friend. I believe this story took the reader through the narrator’s eyes, the eyes of the blind. 341