Three Vitures Of SelfControl Moderation And Independent

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Three Vitures Of Self-Control, Moderation And Independent Thinking Essay, Research Paper People possess many virtues. They can vary from person to person. Some of them are good and others aren?t. The three best virtues to have would be self-control, moderation and independent thinking. Self-control is very important because with out it, there would be total anarchy. People would be doing whatever they want at any time that they would want. If someone wanted a necklace, they would just end up taking it from somewhere else. [If there was anarchy, the probably wouldn?t be any stores.] If we all practice self-control, then there would be much less violence. The self-control would help us control our tempers. This is very good because people?s tempers end up casing a lot of

trouble and chaos. Personally, if I sought out more self-control at driving, I probably wouldn?t have so much road rage. Then again, I have a bad temper to begin with. All in all, self-control is a must because it helps us of the less violence. Moderation is an important value because it helps one do a lot of things. Moderating your time is a good thing because then you understand and acknowledge that you have to do something in a certain amount of time. I don?t have very good moderation when it comes to time because I am perhaps the worlds? worst procrastinator. I always put off big projects unless I can see a good reason to do them. Another reason why moderation is a good virtue is that it would also have an effect on less violence. Our world is a very violent world. If people

took time to moderate, or survey the scene, they would see that their bad tempers, or attitudes, would be useless. Many people just rush into their tempers and rush into doing things. Moderation can help us because of the drug and alcohol problems. Moderation can help us see that these things are bad and should be left alone. Independent thinking betters society. It causes us to think for ourselves and come up with better thoughts. Thinking is something that everyone goes through and it helps us very, very much. If people thought for themselves, then they would have better mental health. It would cause us to have smarter people. We would have a nation of people thinking and doing things for themselves and the goodness for other people rather than following the crowd and just

going along with whatever happens to be ?in? at the time. We are creatures of habit. As creatures of habit, we have developed a mindset that causes us to do what we learned, which is fine. But if people thought about what they were doing, independent thinking, then we would perhaps break the ?creature of habit? look. If we all had independent thinking, then what would be the next definition of ?normality?? Questions about life and other complex problems would be more thoroughly pursued. I try to think as indecently as I possibly can. Many of the views I have, I developed thinking and observing the people around me. I have noticed that many people find it easier to follow trends rather than be comfortable with themselves. Trends are something that could make or break this society.

The music and fashion takes advantage that people don?t usually think for themselves and use this to their advantage. If people began to think for themselves, they see that the things they are doing are pretty stupid. I am not saying that every single thing that people do in a whole is dumb, but many of the things and music people listen to don?t have good messages and don?t help develop us.