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Three Text Study Essay, Research Paper Interpretive Study The three texts I have read all have many similar and contrasting issues and characters. The texts 1984, Forest Gump, and To Kill A Mocking Bird are three very entertaining books well worth reading, while the texts all seem very diverse on the exterior they seem to be very similar on the interior. The three texts, while they have different issues seem to all be similar in sharing the issue of racism and manipulation of minds. Together we can accomplish anything, alone they can accomplish it all, while this may be the case in most normal day scenarios the three texts I have read all seem to defy this little saying. 1984 is a complicated text, with complicated characters, the book takes us on a journey of one man trying

to beat a major organization that manipulates minds to make them believe in something that nobody in their right mind would every dream about. I Love Big Brother, don’t we all? The characters in 1984 only believe this because they have to not because they want to, it is drilled into them even as they sleep and if they think anything other than I Love Big Brother the thought police takes them away and makes a mockery of their lives in front of everybody else. The hate and passion for hate that runs through 1984 is like a disease it is able to manipulate who ever it want when ever it wants and how ever it wants, manipulating minds has never been so easy, they can control whoever to believe what ever, no one dares to stop them until one man breaks all of the rules to do so. This

however is just as powerful in To Kill A Mocking where minds are manipulated to some extent but with out so much control over them, they can still think by themselves and act by them selves but when a black man is accused for rape of a white girl the whole town of Maycombe becomes possessed with some outrage that they must take the law into their own hands. Like 1984 the truth is drilled into them so much that in the end the truth is forgotten what they were fighting about is irrelevant, but now somebody must pay and because you are different, not like the rest, unwanted you must have done it no matter what.