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Three Strikes Law Essay, Research Paper California?s ?3-Strikes Law? In California there is a law known as the ?3-Strikes Law.? Other states such as Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, and a few other states have also adopted this law. (2) This ?3-Strikes and Your Out Law,? states that if a person has two previous violent or serious felony convictions, he or she is sentenced to a life sentence with no chance of parole.(1) It also states that if a person has one previous violent or serious felony conviction (which includes burglary of an unoccupied dwelling) he or she is sentenced to twice the term prescribed by law for each new felony. (1) California has taken this law to an extreme. Petty crimes such as shoplifting and forgery may result in a 25years to life

sentencing. Why should taxpayers have their hard-earned money taken away because the state has petty thieves and con artists serving life sentences? This law is ridiculous! It shouldn?t be applied to small crimes that aren?t violent or serious. The innocent felons in jail for such small crimes must feel so helpless. What are these convicted felons doing about the severity of this law? The ?3-Strikes Law? is completely unconstitutional and there should be amendments to such a harsh law. Will this law actually decrease the crime rates in the country? On November 18, 1999, a man facing a possible life sentence under the ?3-Strikes Law? was found dead with his girlfriend in an apparent double suicide. After the man failed to appear in court, fearing this law, he and his girlfriend

were found in his van dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. The man?s charge was the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and .07grams of methamphetamine, plus a weapons violation. The court offered this man 120 days of imprisonment for a guilty plea, but it was his third offence (3 charges) and under California law, that?s imprisonment for life. (3) ?The law requires that the 3-Strikes charge be filed whenever prior convictions are discovered, although they can be dismissed later if the situation warrants,? said Albert Locher, assistant chief district attorney, Ca. This case is a sad story. The man and his girlfriend?s life could have been saved if the law wasn?t so strict. Is this what the 3-Strikes Law intend to do? To cause petty criminals to take their own lives?

This law was intended to protect people, not hurt them. I completely agree that criminals should be punished for their crimes, but a life sentence is unexceptable for someone or anyone in possession of marijuana or stolen property. Rapist, murderers, and child molesters should receive lifetime sentencing, not shoplifters and drug addicts. Would you be able to sleep at night if you had a child or a young family member who was convicted of a petty crime, spending the rest of their adolescence and adult lives in prison? Teenagers locked away for these crimes are spending 25years to life with hardened criminals, serial killers and rapists. Another man sentenced under the 3-Strikes Law is Ruben Rojas. Ruben, age 30, spent 2 years behind bars for being suspected to have his drug

conviction overturned because authorities believe it was based on fabricated evidence and false testimony by Rampart Division Officers. (3) Ruben was arrested March 5, 1997 for allegedly selling rock cocaine to two men near Marathon and Dillion Streets. Two officers, Perez and Durden allegedly saw Ruben take money from two men and drop off the rock cocaine at a nearby telephone pole. When Ruben was apprehended there was no drugs or money at the telephone pole or on Ruben. The officers are suspected of planting the rock cocaine and framing Ruben. After two years of pleading his case, Ruben was sentenced to 6 years. Is this justice? Aren?t the police supposed to serve and protect us? Wouldn?t you live in fear in the state of California? Just knowing that not only could you go to