Three Programs To Listen And Analysis Essay

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Three Programs To Listen And Analysis Essay, Research Paper For this project, I chose to pick three programs to listen to on PeachState Radio, station 88.1 on the FM dial. The program?s were Classical24, which aired Monday through Thursday from 12am-5am; Jazz AfterHours which aired from 12am-5am on Fridays and Saturdays; and CarTalk which aired Saturdays from 10am-11am. I chose these programsbecause I thought it would give me an insight on a good variety of theprograms played on national public radio. Classic 24 played an arrayof selections ranging from Mozart and Beethoven to Haydn and Chopin. Jazz After Hours featured names common to me like John Coltrane andRosemary Clooney, but also many others whose music that I foundquite enjoyable. Still, the program I liked the most

and chose to writeabout was Car Talk. Car Talk airs weekly on the National Public Radio. It?s a call-inradio show that allows listeners to ask questions about problems withtheir car. Brothers Click and Clack Tappet help the people solve theirtroubles in a comical, yet helpful way. The brothers always seem topoke fun at their callers, making them feel somewhat stupid, yetalways bounce back with an answer to the problem. The episode Ipicked to discuss aired February 20, 1999. The first caller to the program was Doris, who had a 1988 PontiacSunbird that was running hot. She complained that at a time whiledriving, the temperature went way up. She said that she went to hermechanic and he said he was too busy and would help her tomorrow. Click and Clack commented that if she was having

a heart attack,would the doctor ask her to come back the next day? They told hernot to go back to a mechanic that puts you off. The most probablesolution, they said, was simply to change the thermostat and to makesure that the electric cooling fan was working. Another caller, Ann, who owned a 1994 Mercury Villager wasconcerned with whether or not her van was able to make across-country trip while pulling a pop-up trailer. Click and Clack saidthat it probably would not. They said she should drive it out to PikesPeak, let the kids push it off, and go buy a Yukon to pull the camper. Of course they were only kidding and told the caller that she shouldhave the engine and transmission properly serviced and that it wouldbe fine. The last one I want to talk about was the funniest to me.

A womancalled in about clutch problems on a 1989 Volkswagon. She said thatshe had been through five clutches and the car only had 85,000 mileson it. She said that she had taken the car back to the dealership forrepairs, and each time they could not figure out the problem. Themechanics said that the teeth on the flywheels kept breaking and thepressure plate was splitting in half. Click and Clack asked questions totry to find a solution but the results were negative. They called her a?wacko woman driver? and said the only thing wrong with her car wasthat she needed to learn to drive properly. Car Talk was a very informative and humorous program. I did notexpect to get a laugh out of it, but to my surprise I did. It can reallyhelp solve those troublesome car problems. Car Talk was a

really coolshow and if I ever am riding along at ten in the morning on aSaturday, I would definitely listen to it again.