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office, as men. In some communities, because of fear of sexual relations, males and females are commonly separated. Social contact between men and women who are not related is completely forbidden, thus resulting in segregated schools, businesses, government offices, and the virtual exclusion of women from positions of power or control. Until the Koran was fully addressed, women had been property through marriage and divorce, were not allowed in mosques, and had very little rights which have now been fulfilled, yet, the still must be segregated and dress VERY conservatively. There are about one billion Muslims today, outstripping every other religion. The largest sect of Islam is the Sunni. They make up 90% of the Islamic countries. Sunni are traditionalists who prefer a more

secular life and religion. They refer to the Qu ran and the Hadith for guidance. Abu Hanafa started the Hanafi sect. The Hanafi sect is known for being more liberal and lenient. It is located in India, Central Asia, Turkey, and parts of Egypt. The Maliki sect was started by Malik ibn Anas. The Maliki school is most prevalent in North and Central Africa.The Shafi I school, started by Muhamad ibn Idris al-Shafi I, is currently followed in Malaysia, The Shiite sect was founded by Ja far al-Sadiq, in 750. This Sect had always been repressed because Sunnis were the majority. There is still a lot of conflict between the Sunni sect and the Shiite sect. To conclude this essay, I would like to summarize Islam into one phrase: Warning Americans godlas/ msaumr/Quran/index.html