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for the cases of rape. There are many other cases such as when a condom breaks and the women becomes impregnated. In my personal translation, these specific cases relate to Thomson’s example of the people seeds. She describes people seed that travel in the same manner as air pollen. If one drifts in through your window it will take root and develop into a person. Now, since you do not want children you start to ?fix up the windows with fine mesh screens, the very best you can buy? (159). Thomson then continues explaining how in certain rare cases the mesh screen is defective and a people seed will enter your house. Now you have a person plant developing and the question arises whether it has a right to use the house. Thomson believes that it should not and I am in agreement.

But some may argue that, ?you voluntarily opened your windows, you knowingly kept carpets and upholstered furniture, and you knew that screens were sometimes defective. And you could have lived your life with bare floors and furniture, or with sealed windows and doors? (159) In relating this to abortion issues, this is like arguing that if you do not want children then you should not have sex. A belief that some would see even applicable to a married couple who cannot afford a hysterectomy, because condoms are only around eighty eight percent effective. I am not saying that abortion is by any means the solution to all this. It should really be used only in certain cases as a last resort. But who is in the position of power to decide if a specific abortion is unjust killing. In

honest truth, I am a person who went to a Catholic Grammar school and High School. All throughout my childhood I was taught through the strict Catholic views of Pro-Life. After reading Thomson?s article I now begin to question the closed minded view that I was taught. There are some cases in life in which abortion can be justified, and yet I see many cases in which abortion is murder. For me abortion has now become an unresolved topic, but this is all in thanks to Judith Thomson. Bibliography judith thomson