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Thommas Jefferson Essay, Research Paper Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States was born on April 13, 1734. His parents, Peter and Jane Randolph Jefferson, lived in central Virginia. Their house was on a farm they called Shadwell. It was about five miles east of the town of Charlottesville. In 1760 Thomas Jefferson entered college. Thomas studied hard and quickly mastered difficult subjects such as grammar, physics, and calculus. In about two years of college he learned everything you could know on the arts and science and moral philosophies. He left the college in April of 1762. Three years later, in 1767 Thomas became a lawyer. He didn+t know it at the time but it would soon be a hazardous job. Thomas hated being a lawyer but turned out to be very

successful. His work grew from sixty-eight cases his first year to more than four hundred annually just a few years later. Thomas ran for the colonial Virginia legislature, called the House of Burgesses, and won easily in 1769. Every two years, he had to be reelected. To campaign, he just invited his neighbors to Shadwell, served them cake and rum punch, and waited for victory. It always came. In 1770 Thomas met a girl by the name of Martha Wayles Skelton. Two years later on New Year+s Day Martha and Thomas were married. Throughout his life, Thomas hoped for the chance to live a quiet family life at Monticello. He was an expert farmer, a fine architect and builder, well liked by his workers and even his slaves, and deeply in love with his new wife. But in early 1770s, the fires

of revolution were beginning to burn from colonial Virginia, quiet times at home were becoming difficult to find. In 1770 a large force of British soldiers had fired on angry protesters in Boston, killing five. In the fall of 1773, Jefferson helped to organize a group in the Virginia House of Burgesses. It was called the Committee of Correspondence, and was set up to help the representatives of the thirteen colonies to communicate with one another and to unite against British rule. Each county in Virginia elected people who would attend a meeting in Williamsburg to choose Virginia+s delegates to the new congress. Among the Virginians elected were Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and George Washington. Before leaving home to attend the meeting, Jefferson wrote an essay describing his

feelings on the politics of the day. Eventually published under the title |A Summary View of the Rights of British America,X it was the future president+s first political masterpiece. The first great meeting of all the colonies-called the First Continental Congress-met in Philadelphia in September 1774. Jefferson was still at Monticello, trying to recover from an illness. The Second Continental Congress began in May of the following year, right after the Battles of the Lexington and Concord had started the revolutionary war. Many of the delegates were familiar with Jefferson+s essay by now. His fine writing was one of the reasons he was selected to write the Declaration of Independence. So it was on July 4, 1776 that the great Declaration of Independence was signed. In the summer

of 1782 Jefferson+s wife Martha died after giving birth to their sixth child. In May of 1784 Congress asked Thomas to join John Adams and Benjamin Franklin to be a minister to Europe. He accepted. Then in 1787, Jefferson received a copy of the new American Constitution. Jefferson was worried that there was no Bill of Rights, so he urged James Madison to add a Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments to the Constitution (the Bill of Rights) were finally approved by Congress in 1791. On March 4, 1797, fifty- three-year-old Thomas Jefferson was sworn in as the vice-president of the United States. President Adams and Vice-President Jefferson were extremely different personalities. In the year 1800, Thomas Jefferson began his campaign for the presidency at the age of fifty-seven. He