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photos. His studies of New England and New York Victorian architecture was the most numerous of the collection. In these pictures we can see the amount of detail that is surprisingly captured in these small prints. Most are frontal shots; with the two-dimensional composition and small scale, the architecture is dwarfed further into small toy miniatures. Large pictures of the same subjects would have given the pictures a whole different meaning all together. Either monumental and overbearing with the larger scale or more intimate with the smaller scale.Few pictures from Farm Security Administration period of his career were seen. It would have been nice to see a hint of the Dorothea Lange type shots he is also known to have taken, but the landscapes of the desolate land was what

Evans was most famous for. The detail that Evans uses so much really shows through with the landscape of the Depression.Comparing Walker Evans to Thomas Roma just doesn t seem fair. Both took pictures within New York City, both took landscapes. Roma s work pales in comparison to the body or photographs Evans has built up, but the Evans show at ICP did downplay Evans. Roma would have been overshadowed much more if more Evans candids were shown.When comparing the subway shots of each photographer, Ellen Handy suggests Roma, emphasizes the social aspects of subway travel. Thus breaking the celebrated precedent set by Walker Evans, where brooding subway passengers are momentarily introspective. Subway travel did not look like the emphasis of Roma s subway photos. Whereas Evans was

uncertain about his subway portraits, Roma understood exactly what he wanted and it shows through. The aspects of subway travel was nowhere to be seen in Roma s photos, instead he took Evans s momentary introspection and made it timeless. Roma pounds his points home, Evans is subtler.The most obvious difference between Roma s landscapes from the landscapes of Evans is the scale. Besides that Roma uses his landscapes the same way he makes candids. The way he frames his landscapes, leaves, include things play a part in Roma s blatant messages.Evans is able to capture emotion while keeping a control over his subject in the manner of Cartier-Bresson s decisive moment . Roma and Evans worked in two different ways when dealing with the subject of people. Roma took on a more rigid style

of shooting, instilling meaning into his subjects. Evans was lucid; his style ranged from confrontational to passive, always letting the emotion convey from his subjects.