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Thomas Becket Essay, Research Paper 1) What does it mean to be a person of honor? How was this demonstrated in the movie? An honorable person is one who is looked upon because of his pride, bravery, and courage. Also, a man of dignity and strong morals will be honorable to many people. According to these definitions, Thomas Becket is considered an honorable man in several ways. In a sense, Becket was a divine victim in that he was a victim of God, who is considered honorable to many religious people. Thomas Becket stood up for what he believed in, had pride in his country and fellowman, and had great dignity and morals. Like God, Becket did not back down from his ideas. Despite possible consequences and punishments, Becket stood by his beliefs because he knew they were right

and would make things better. With this attitude, people began to respect Becket because of this characteristic; thus, his honorability began to flourish. For example, when Becket excommunicated the priest, he did not change his decision because others, including the king, disagreed with him. Becket knew that people would be against him but in the long run his decision would be best. Thus, after his death and to this day, people honor him for his ability to stand up for what he believed in. One of the reasons Becket wanted to become Arch Bishop was because he cared about his country and its citizens, including the king. Even though Becket did not have a big choice on becoming the Arch Bishop, he cared about restoring his countries morals along with its religion. Also, one of the

men he cared for most was King Henry. For example, despite having to be driven out of England, Becket still loved and cared for the king and always referred to him as my lord. This shows Becket s passion for others as well as his desire to help his country and make it a better place. And people honor those who put themselves before others, much like Becket had done. Along with standing up for what he believed in and having pride for his country, Becket displayed great dignity and morals. He never boasted about his position (unlike King Henry) and had always narrowed in on his job. For example, when attacked by an Anglo-Saxon (John), Becket did not order him to be executed but allowed the Saxon man to think about his mistake. In the long run, John became loyal to Becket and was

his major follower. Another example of Becket s good morality was that he did not take advantage of woman (again, unlike King Henry). He focused on his duties and respected the woman around him. Also, despite having to give up his woman to King Henry, he stood by his word and did not break his promise. All of these examples of Becket s dignity and morality led people to think of him as a hero. Overall, Becket had stood by his beliefs, had pride for his people, and displayed a high morality and dignity. At the time of Becket s controversy, many people not only honored Becket because of his position but also because he contained all of these character traits mentioned above. Now, people admire him even more because we have realized how he overcame diversity with his pride and will

for himself and for his country.