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with the rest of the ‘family’s’, Chip thought that his grandfather might be a sick member. On a family trip to the biggest tourist attraction on the planet, Uni Comp, Papa Jan leads Chip downstairs, without touching scanners as they pass, to a large cold room filled with large black boxes. Papa Jan begins telling Chip how he helped build Uni Comp and this is the real computer, not the pastel posies upstairs for the tourists to view. Chip feels unsure because he has lied to Uni by not touching the scanners and now it does not know where he is. He also wonders why Uni Comp would lie to them and why Papa Jan brought him down here. This is Chip’s first experiences with anti-family feelings and those associated with sick members. As Chip grows up, he continues having thoughts

that go against the grain. Everything about his unified world seems strange and not quite right, but these feelings are quickly suppressed at the end of each month when it is time for his monthly treatment. As time goes on, Chip explores his feelings, sometimes putting off a treatment for a day or two so that he becomes more aware of his surroundings. Eventually, a band of folks like himself notices Chip. They too are dissatisfied with their current lives and how Uni represses their thoughts and feelings, as well as actions with it’s prescribed monthly treatments. They show him how to act so that he can get his monthly treatments reduced and begin to explore his new found wants and desires. This band meets and talk about how they wish the world were better and they also skip

off for un-repressed sex and to smoke tabacco. Eventually, Chip wants more. He wants more freedom, and he wants the leader of the pack’s girlfriend, Lilac. He eventually explores, finding that there are many places in the world such as Madagascar and others where un-treated people live not under the watchful eye of Uni Comp. He also finds that the leader of the group, King also knows of these islands, but is too afraid to go despite his cool outer appearance. Eventually, in a sudden rage, Chip is caught, his treatments increased to normal. Once treated Chip admits to all he knows and tells everything about the sick members leading the group to be broken up and for all the "sick" member’s treatments to be returned to normal. Chip lives how a good member should, until

the end of one month when he spies a leaf on a wet rock and considers the possibilities. He could make a small flesh colored covering that goes over his arm and it would not allow the treatments to penetrate his skin. What would happen when he was not treated at all. He would be able to explore all of his feelings to the fullest. After a few months of planning and calculating without treatment. Chip sneaks his way to Africa where he has found that Lilac now lives. He steals her away and of course she resists, after she says some nasty things a few weeks later, he rapes her which pushes her even further away. But eventually as her last treatment wears off she begins to agree with Chip and at first says she’ll only go to the island with him, then they’ll go their separate ways,

but then she says she will stay with him once they arrive as well. Eventually they reach the island and find nothing but segregation and racism against those who were former members of the family by those whom originally rebelled against Uni Comp. Chip becomes dissatisfied with his life on the island as well. He decides he will only truly be happy and free once he destroys Uni Comp and releases the family from it’s grip. He formulates a plan and a party and sets out to destroy the true Uni Comp. The one that lies deep under the mountains. He and his party set out, but are tricked by one member of the party who really was a spy. He takes them deep into the mountains where they meet the programmers of Uni Comp, who due to the bands ingenuity in trying to destroy Uni Comp, want

them to join the group of programmers. They agree and live their lives in luxury served in any way they could possible imagine, while looking over the needs and concerns of the family. Chip never loses sight of his true goal though and eventually when another band of rebels is caught, he takes the impounded explosives and sets out to destroy Uni Comp. Wei, the head programmer as well as one of the main figure heads along with Christ, Wood and Marx in designing the new unified world, is the only thing standing in his way once he reaches his destination and he fights him. Chip eventually traps Wei and leaves him to die in the explosion. The family is now free of Uni’s grip and Chip heads off to find Lilac. The only real controversial element of Ira Levin’s novel is the fact