Thirteen Miles Away Essay Research Paper Nat

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Thirteen Miles Away Essay, Research Paper Nat slowly reached for the tap. The shiny silver colour was smothered with large fingerprints. Before her fingers touched the tap she covered her hand with her sleeve. She turned it stiffly. Water trickled out. She observed her sleeve, noticing dark grey dust. She placed her hands under the running water. Red liquid appeared in the grey, smeared, filthy sinks. Stepping back she looked at her wet hands. No red liquid remained. She looked closer for a wound. A cut. A scratch. Anything. The tap stopped dripping. Looking around the dead grey toilets, she could see smears. Smears of red, brown and grey. Looking closer she realised that the smears were not part of the design. She noticed red fingerprints. Grey handprints. The tall thin

metal doors had dents and scratches of obscenities. Threats were scratched into the doors. ?DIE BITCH DIE? was repeated several times. The doors were ajar. Not being able to see behind the doors, she lightly tapped them to open them. The moaning, creaky, rusted hinges moved slowly. In the first cubicle there was a large drawing on the wall at the side. It looked like an outline of a body. It was the type of outline seen in a murder scene, where detectives draw an outline around the dead body on the ground. It seemed to be drawn on with black wax crayon. The outline of the body was black, but there were other marks within it. Red marks around the throat, stomach, and chest areas. Words surrounded the drawing. ?KILL, DIE, BITCH, HELL? were scratched with red crayon around the

drawing. ?Dear God?? Nat said aloud. She quickly turned around to walk out, but was distracted by something dripping from the ceiling. It looked like the same red liquid that appeared from the taps. She looked up. The red liquid was splattered on the ceiling. The toilets had a vent with a fan inside it at the top of the wall. Loud sounds emerged from the vent. It sounded like vibrating, but each buzz it made sounded heavy, like a tonne of thunder hitting metal. The fan blades were coming into contact with something, which they shouldn?t have. You could hear the friction sounding like fingernails running down a blackboard. The floor was made of dark red/brown tiles. They looked filthy with brown smears, and black dust. Trying to think of an explanation for the state of the toilets

was hard. The stains were unrecognisable. She could not think about where they had come from. There was a moan from a cubicle near the doorway. Slowly creeping towards it, trying not to make a sound, she looked inside where there was nobody to be seen. Peeping her head into the other cubicles, which had syringes, and used toilet paper soaked in water, thrown onto the walls. Nat looked like she didn?t belong in the toilets. She wore a crisp white shirt, and bright pink cropped trousers, with new, white trainers. Her hair was clean, and tied in a plait. She wore a shiny, silver necklace and bracelet. She looked like she didn?t belong there at all, and she contrasted with her surroundings. The florescent light kept flickering on-and-off. Nat thought she saw a spark shoot out from

the light but she was unsure. The toilets smelled of urine and cigarette smoke. She could also smell intoxicating fumes, which reminded her of strong correcting fluid. A sign on the wall stating ?Please Wash Your Hands? fell off the wall. The sign was just hand written on paper. Nat stepped towards the door to leave then she heard a splash. She stepped into a brown watery puddle. She lifted her right foot and noticed the brown liquid drip off. ?Oh no?what the?? Nat said disappointedly. She turned back and rushed into one of the cubicles to get some toilet paper to dry off her trainer. She pulled at the thin white paper and wiped her trainer. She turned around ready to walk out when a large dark figure appeared in front of her. The shadow of the figure covered Nat with a large