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not all countries are always included by these measures which makes it difficult to state the boundaries of the Third World. It is because of several reasons that the validity of the phrase ‘The Third World’ has been placed into question over the past decade. The previously mentioned growing differentiation and diversification within the Third World has lead to the use of the generalisation of the concept to be questioned. Also, the rejection of a ‘linear path’ to development means that different countries will strive towards development through different courses at different speeds, and should not be measured against how the ‘West’ First World developed, presuming that all countries are in fact aspiring to be like Western countries such as the United States and

Western-Europe, which they are certainly all not. Not only is there wide disparities between countries, but there can even be a larger variety within a single country. In these countries a very small minority can hold a large amount of capital and live extremely affluent lifestyles very similar to those of people in the First World, while the large majority of the population live in extreme or absolute poverty. Another one of the strongest criticisms of the concept of the ‘Third World’ is that since the creation of this theory, the Second World (communist) countries have fallen (with the exception of the socialist Chinese state), which places the use of both the concepts of the Second World and subsequently the Third world into question as to whether they are any longer

worthwhile generalisations. However despite these arguments, although definitive boundaries cannot be made around the ‘Third World’ due to the wide regional and national disparities, I beleive that the generalisation of these countries into the single body of the ‘Third World’ is still a worthwhile concept. While the ‘Second World’ may no longer be a relevant factor, there is still the large rift present between the two groups of the First and Third Worlds, and so reinforces the continuing relevance of this concept. Bibliography. Geography Of The Third World. Second Edition. 1996. Dickenson. J Microsoft Encarta. Oxford Encyclopaedia Unknown. The Developing World: An Introduction. 1994. Simpson. E. S