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neighbor walks out and asks what?s happening Jeannie tells them Steve tried to rape her an hour ago. The neighbor then tells them that that is impossible Steve has been sitting here waiting for you to come back for hours it couldn?t be him. After Jeannie has Steve released and invites him in, Steve then asks how the interview with Dennis went she explained he is definitely your twin she told Steve they are exactly identical, then adds so is someone else. The man which tried to rape her looked exactly like Steve so she suggests maybe they?re triplets, and later found another match with her computer program Bill Stein a game programmer from uptown New York, so Jeannie pays a visit. Once in New York she has the police escort her to Bill Stein?s house to question him. Once at Bill

Stein?s house the police interrogate him asking him where he was the other day Bill tells them he was at work working on a game program and his boss confirmed so he was off the hook. After the police interrogated him Jeannie asked him if he were adopted and he said no his parents had had him since birth. Once Jeannie gets back from New York She tells Steve he was another twin, but he says he wasn?t adopted just like you and Dennis. Wondering what was going on she broke into Berrington Jones? office and look on his personal files she found out that early in the 70?s Berrington and a couple of other guys were in a government conspiracy in which they combined genetics and came up with the perfect soldier, they put the genetics together and planted them into eight woman who?s

husbands were men in the army. They planted the sperm in the woman when they came for regular checkups. Once Jeannie found out about this she confronted Berrington and had his son arrested. There was a little more to the ending but reading the book is a lot better than hearing it from me. The story ended with all the twins knowing they were genetic experiments and just wondering why. I think the author was trying to tell us that things were not always what they seem.