Third Time Is A Charm Essay Research

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?Third Time Is A Charm? Essay, Research Paper ?Third time is a Charm? Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Hurston is narrated in the eyes of a black woman named Janie. Janie was brought up in the age when blacks where free, but she was still under a social law inherited from her family which kept her bound. Janie?s grandmother and her first two husbands suppress her into a cocoon and it was not until she met her third husband ?Tea Cake,? that she was able to break free and fly away like a butterfly. Janie?s grandmother had lived in the time of slavery, raising her under strict customs, in which men and women were not equal. Under her grandmother?s guidance, Janie was required to marry solely based on a custom that is dependent on a man to provide for the woman. At this

time, Janie did not intend to marry, but her grandmother wanted to insure Janie?s safety and told her, ? Tain?t Logan Killicks Ah wants you to have, baby, it?s protection? (Hurston 15). Janie?s grandmother would at least pass on, knowing her granddaughter is with a man who could provide for her. Janie?s grandmother implicitly says, ?Neither can you stand alone by yo?self? Ah got tuh try and do for you befo? mah head is cold?(15), showing an effort to make Janie dependent on a man . Janie struggles to find some sign of love from her new husband Logan, but does not find love where love should be; all she finds is coldness and a husband who wants submission from his wife. It was Logan?s intention to mold his new wife and told Janie, ?Thought Ah?d take and make somethin? outa yuh?

(30), confirming an attempt to make her submissive and by letting her know how he feels about her role in the marriage when he says, ?You ain?t got no particular place. It?s wherever Ah need yuh?(31). All Logan expects from Janie is obedience. Logan expects her to stop what she is doing to help him, regardless if Janie believes if it is her place or not. Experience in a one sided marriage, persuades Janie to explore a different route in her freedom. After Logan wanted Janie to work like a man, she meets her future second husband, Joe Starks and runs away with him to get married. Joe is a black man, full of ambition and of authoritarian ways, but Janie does not realize this until after he sweeps her off to a new town. Joe suppresses Janie so much that she felt as if, ?She was a

rut in the road?Plenty of life beneath the surface but it was kept beaten down by the wheels?(76). Even though Janie was approaching her forties later on in her marriage, she still was young for her age and life was about to be stifled. Every chance Joe had, he would keep Janie from being a part of life, he kept her shut up in a cocoon and made sure she knew her place under him. Joe had numerous chances as the mayor of a little black community, to let Janie express herself as a woman in politics. As the mayor?s wife, Janie should be allowed to give her view to the public, because she was a public figure. Joe would not allow this to happen as he explained why when he told the town, ?…but mah wife don?t know nothing? ?bout no speech-makin? ?She?s uh woman and her place is in de

home? (43). Janie would have liked a choice to make a speech, but Joe spoke for her. Although Joe gave her material comforts, Janie never felt free to do things she enjoyed explaining, ??but Jody wouldn?t ?low me tuh. When Ah wasn?t in de store he wanted me tuh jes sit wid folded hands and sit dere?(112). Janie was locked away in Joe?s world and he kept the key. Joe provided a comfort of living for Janie, but she sought a comfort of mind; which Joe could not provide, because of his overbearing and possessive attitude towards her. Following Joe Stark?s death, Janie?s world changed dramatically for the good when she met her third husband, ?Tea Cake.? He did not have much to offer Janie in regards to material things, but he did offer her freedom to express herself. The first few