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Things Fall Apart-Oronoko Essay, Research Paper ?He had learn?d to take Tobaco; and when he was assured he should dye, he desir?d they give him a pipe in his mouth, ready lighted, which they did; and the executioner came, and first cut off his members and threw them into the fire; after that, with an ill favoured knife, they cut his ears and his nose, and burn?d them; he still smoak?d on, as if nothing had touched him; then they hacked off one of his arms, and still he bore up, and held his pipe; but at the cutting of his other arm, his head sunk, and his pipe drop?d; and he gave up the ghost, without a groan, or a reproach. My mother and sister were by him all the while, but not suffer?d to save him; so rude and wild were the Rabble, and so inhumane were the justices, who

stood by to see the execution, who after paid dearly for their Insolence. They cut Caesar in Quarters, and sent them to several of the chief plantations: One Quarter was sent to Colonel Martin, who refused it; and swore he had rather see the quarters of Banister, and the Governor himself, than those of Caesar, on his Plantations; and that he cou?d govern the Negroes without terrifying and grieving that them with the frightful spectacle of a mangl?d King.? (p. 99-100) This is the second to last paragraph in the book, where Oroonoko is being decapitated. The executioner, Oroonoko and all the towns? people, who were looking on, were involved. The child of someone who was watching on was telling the story of Oroonoko?s death. The characters involved do not really agree with

eachother. Some were in favor of the death of Oroonoko and some were greatly opposed. Most of the white people that were looking on, supported the decision that Oroonoko should die. We are hearing from the narrator at this time and I don?t think they are very skeptical at all. The way the story is told gives Oroonoko much bravery and compassion. There are no similes or metaphors in this particular passage. The only words that are repeated are the names of Caesar and plantations. This may suggest that this is an important person and an important place. The only historical events that I can think of would be Jesus or Napoleon. Both of these two figures, not relating to eachother, made such a bold statement for their day. That is why we still talk about them today. If Oroonoko did

not die in such a bold manner, who knows if we would be studying him to this day. All of the above men were willing to die for what they believed in their hearts and that?s all. I love the fact that Oroonoko keeps his pipe in his mouth until he can no longer stand up. That is such a bold statement to make. It seems like he is even mocking them because he keeps smoking. It reminds me of the bold death of William Wallace when he was fighting for Scotland.