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this stanza sums up the end of the book and it is easy to tell that Chinua based the story upon the poem by Yeats. The white men are the anarchy that has been loosed upon the world. Some of these prisoners were men of title who should be above such mean occupation, (Pg. 160, Paragraph 1). The white men came and instated their own type of government with their own rules so that clansmen, who were following clan rules, were thrown into jail because of the new laws. The missionaries have been sent to convert some black men but they don t stop at that. They wait until they have some local support and they set up their own way of life and enforce it upon these clans. They do what is in their eyes as good, but not comprehending that maybe this isn’t such a good idea for some third

world African tribe. By the time the black men figure out that the white men aren t there just to convert people, it is too late and the albinos have a grip on the Africans society. The book written by Chinua Achebe has a lot of resemblances and many of the characters or plots have come from the poem written by William Butler Yeats. The first four lines are the basis of the book s main character and meaning. The tribe is symbolizing the first line in that the tribe is becoming further apart. Okonkwo s son, Nwoye left, which comes straight from the second verse with Nwoye as the falcon. The title and the splitting of the clan came from the third verse, and the white men coming symbolizes the anarchy being spread throughout the world. Through this evidence, we can incur that Chinua

wrote, Things Fall Apart, after the poem, The Second Coming.