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great need for intimacy with his proposal and also he shows his feelings for Louise. This proposal is the ultimate expression of connection with Louise and shows his emotional tie he has to her. He is very open and shows his emotions in his body language, which are also characteristics of traditional feminine communication (Lakoff 627). The contrast that exists in communication between men and women is shown clearly in Thelma and Louise. The movie shows what happens when the two genders communicate similarly and differently. When they communicate differently their is a good understanding of each other and a greater sense of connection between the two people communicating; which was shown well by the FBI agent Hal and Louise?s boyfriend Jimmy. When a man and a woman communicated

in the same way, there was conflict between the two. This was illustrated well by the truck driver and the rapist Harlen and the conflicts they had with Thelma and Louise; proving the point that men and women must communicate differently.