They Cage The Animals At Night Essay

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They Cage The Animals At Night Essay, Research Paper Zaghi, Justin H English 7 Period 1 December 7, 1999 They Cage The Animals at Night They Cage the Animals at Night is a heart-wrenching autobiography in the form of a novel. This book is written by Jennings Michael Burch, who is the main character. His father is an often drunk alcoholic and has left a family of six boys to his wife. The oldest is George, who follows the steps of his father and also gets drunk. He is also a smoker. Contrary to his father though, he tries to support the family, although he takes a lot from it. Next is Walter, who spends most of his life studying to prevent himself from following his father?s shadow. After him is Larry. He is Jennings?s favorite brother as they always went through the same

things and felt the same way. Jerome comes next, yet he is sick through out most of the book, so he is not of significance. Next comes Jennings. He is twelve years old, and is always trying to pull the family together and keep mom from crying. He?s kind of a goody-two-shoes. Finally is Gene, who always gets what he wants. He?s about four years old when the book starts. Mother?s main goal is to have a closely-knit family and has the obstacles of alcohol to bypass. She becomes sick almost all the time. One day, for an unknown reason mother became seriously sick and had stress related problems. Jennings was forced to go into a shelter home having nowhere to go. This was the first time. He was taken to the Home of Angels where he was treated roughly. There, he was directed by a

clicker, and not knowing what to do, he was physically hurt. Soon a couple took him in their custody. They were even worse, as he was given small boundaries to live in and a table to sit at all day. There he was rarely fed, yet when he was fed, he was given some sort of gluey, grayish grub that tasted horrible. Eventually the husband ruled that Jennings was getting treated too badly and was taken back. After a while his mom had picked him up. Christmas had come and they ate a turkey that was donated to them. No gifts stood under the small tree they had gotten for free. School continued after the winter vacation, yet since Jennings had missed so much of it at the shelter, he was held back until the next school year. Many called Jennings cruel names, but he survived until summer

vacation. One summer day he found a nurse with his mom and knew what was going to happen. He packed up and was soon picked up by a man that took him to Saint Teresa?s. He was disciplined through brutality and also found himself in meaningless fights with distressed children. After accidentally spilling hot chocolate at breakfast, he was slapped, and dragged over the uneven floor. He gained numerous cuts and was forced to stay in the nurse?s office for six days. He became tired of this and decided to run away. He did so, yet his destination was discovered by pedestrians and reported to the police. He was taken downtown and brought back to the shelter. Eventually his mom picked him up again. Apparently they had moved to a new apartment and had moved to a new school. The children

were wealthier there and were more ahead than other schools. This was a problem for Jennings. The teachers knew of his poverty and refused bringing him up to level. To solve this, Walter helped him change his school. The teachers were better and the curriculum was at the right pace. Jennings had to take a bus to reach this school. He soon became acquainted with the bus driver and they became good friends. His name was Sal, and he seemed to understand everything. He was an orphan and had also gone into these homes. Again his mother?s health problems interfered with Jennings?s life. To prevent him from falling behind he was temporarily adopted by a wealthy family. Their house was enormous along with the room he was given. He was given new clothes and he had a pleasant time. Mother