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how she was dressed when Scout passed Mrs. Dobose?s house. Scout was verbally abused by Mrs. Dubose because Mrs. Dubose had thought that Scout was not a good little girl and was a trouble maker. Mrs. Dubose had pre- judged Scout and thought that she was very disrespectful although Scout had made some comments about Mrs. Dubose that Scout always said under her breath so as no to provoke Mrs. Dubose more. Prejudice has a lot to do with how you grow up and how you are influenced by the people around you. You are influenced by your parents, TV, and radio and friends. Your parents in particular have a great deal to do with your prejudices because they affect how you think about many things. My parents taught me that black people are not different because their skin is black. For many

years my best friend at the YMCA has been my friend Terry. Terry is black. As the author had Atticus tell Scout and Jem, Negroes are people like everyone else.