There Is No Gain Without Some Loss

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There Is No Gain Without Some Loss Essay, Research Paper Jason Brown 8th period 11-8-00 ?There is no gain without some loss?. This means one can?t go forward in life without losing some things along the way. Relationships, work, and school all require making sacrifices to gain something. For example working requires giving up free time to make money, school also takes free time to study, and in a relationship time with friends is lost, but a girlfriend is gained. This summer I gave up my free time and weekends to make money. I also had to give up listening my music while I was working because it was not allowed at my work. Sleeping in was also a problem because I had to be at work early. Giving up free time, weekends, listening to my music, and sleeping in were all things

that I had to give up in order to make money. Another thing that requires giving up free time is school. My free time is often sacrificed to study or write papers. Spending time studying helps me get good grades which will help me get into college. Free time is also used to do homework. Giving up my free time to study, write papers, and do homework are all sacrifices that I have to make in order to good in school. Relationships require sacrifices such as time, bling-bling(money), and freedom. When in a relationship time has to be spent with the other person instead of with friends. Money is given up in relationships because ?us guys? have to pay for everything. I could be spending my money at B.W. 3?s watching ?Monday Night Football?, but instead we chose to go out and spend our

money those women that we love so much. Freedom is given up because when I am with my girlfriend I can?t go out with my friends because she will think I am cheating one her. Then they lay a guilt trip on us. By giving up these things it makes me stay out of trouble with my friends and with my parents, and have a stronger relationship. Relationships, work, and school all require sacrifices to gain something. The thing that is sacrifices the most is time. Giving up time allows a lot to be gained. Things cannot be truly gained without losing something. Bibliography I’m 19 and have no life