Theory Of Knowledge 2 Essay Research Paper

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Theory Of Knowledge 2 Essay, Research Paper History is part myth, part hope and part reality. Discuss this quote in relation to History and to at least one other field of study. The study of history has been and will continue to play a major part in the lives of every individual and every community. Our history is our identity telling us where we come from, what we are and what our forefathers did and therefore plays a major in role in our constant search for knowledge and understanding of each other. The most common definition for history is a) the study of past events, esp. human affairs b) the total accumulation of past events especially in relation to human affairs or to the accumulation of developments connected with a particular nation, person, thing etc. c) a

continuous usually chronological record of important or public events. In the second part of the definition the key words are past events especially in relation to human affairs . History is written by and recorded by humans and there is always an element of bias in it. Because of this we can say that History itself is a very complicated and interesting maze of events which give us hope for the future, insight into the reality that is mankind and the fiction of how the events of our time have been portrayed. Reality is often a word that we regularly settle on in connection with History. It is our first thought; it is all the events in the past. For example we know that the Second World War ended in 1945 as in the same way we know that there were British colonies in Asia and

Africa. We accept it as a fact but at the same time do we accept it at the same level. Is what I have learnt from different primary and secondary sources the same as what person X may have learnt? Do we view colonialism in the same perspective and whose version is more right ? For this reason we can say that History is part reality for it like everything else in the world has no one way of looking at things. We are all entitled to our own opinions. Everyone has their own so-called Map Of Reality which is influenced by status, perception, gender and everything that makes you what you are. When you pursue anything you carry a map of reality and when you tie this into the field of study which can be known as Pursuit of Knowledge we can see that History like knowledge is fragmented.

All knowledge has parts, which in turn can never give us any feel of certainty. One part of History can be stronger. Myth may pull stronger or hope turning you into the optimist for the day. Today you trust science and the next it will be religion. History like Knowledge is like a Baobab tree, you can t put both arms around it . We have already stated that history is fragmented and it seems that the best way to understand it is to try and touch as many parts of it (Myth, Hope, and Reality) as possible and thus incorporate more into your map of reality. However from this a slight argument evolves. Who is to say that all these different parts actually form together to make a whole? Can reality really exist with myth? It seems that it has done so and will continue to do so when you

take into account the philosophies of psychologist Dr. Dipak Chopra the history that we study in our classrooms and in our day to day lives is all myth. The textbooks we use and read to study the past is all bias information. This is because it has been predominantly written by white males who have the desire to crusade for the sides that their forefathers fought for and by doing so provide sustenance for their own egos and their own race . Dr. Chopra is saying that a lot of what has been taught is all myth. But we have accepted this as reality so we are seeing myth and reality working together in our own global community. History is like life and in that sense nothing can be straightforward and simple. We as humans usually decide to do what is easier. We accept what our