Theory Of Evolution Essay Research Paper I

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Theory Of Evolution Essay, Research Paper I have always believed that it can take one person to get the ball rolling, but it takes a group to make an impact. Therefore, the concept of evolution via natural selection was a group effort. Darwin didn’t work on scientific evolution alone. Within, the seven years Darwin was thinking and analyzing about his theory, others were working on it themselves. Darwin is certainly the father of evolution, but our current understanding of evolution [DNA, natural selection, genetics, etc.] has evolved through the scientific understanding of others. As with natural evolution, our understanding of hereditary transfer/natural selection has also evolved as well. Theories have been introduced since Darwin that have been proven both true and

false [scientific natural selection]. However, would it have been proposed to the world if not for Wallace? No theory can be proven true, unless somebody else takes the report and repeats the research and comes up with same result. Wallace was a deep thinker, as was Darwin, so it’s no shock that they both concluded the same theory of evolution. Although, should Wallace have not assured Darwin of his theory we might have never known of a thing called evolution? Evolution was just the starting point for many new theories soon to be thought of. From evolution there arose natural selection. Together again, Darwin and Wallace created this theory. In order to verify their theory of natural selection, they had to dispute with Lemarck about variation. They both borrowed information

from each other to better understand what they were trying to propose. Darwin new that, ” variation already existed, however he was unsure where this variation came from” [Park 1998:33]. But by seeing what Lemarck had already concluded Darwin could continue on with his theory with knowledge from another source. In order to be valued, two parties must verify the results. In the process of re-examining a study, new knowledge is gained, theory is formed, and principals evolve. Darwin was the starting point for many new theories, before he passed away. After Darwin was gone, there came Mendall, who showed us the unit of heredity and modern syntheses. Mendall thought of theories far beyond Darwin, but to gain this knowledge he had to start with what Darwin had already concluded.

In order to have theories evolve you need more than one mind. Knowledge of genetics and DNA has grown massively over the years, partly in response to technology. Of course, the basis of our knowledge came from Darwin, Wallace, Lemarck, and Mendall, but to capitalize on these theories we use our technology sources today. We are now capable of manipulating genes to possible altar evolution. When Darwin, Wallace, Lemarck, and Mendall were around they didn’t posses the technology we have today. Since, technology we have been able to discover many new theories, as mentioned above. Many people in this world start theories or discoveries, but in order to better understand them or draw a conclusion, you need more input from others. By giving or taking input other than your own you’re

able to see other people’s nature of science. Take cars, for instance, the first car did not have a hood, nor could it even go over twenty-five miles per hour. Henry Ford knew he created something that could forever change the world, but it was also just a starting point. Fords basic idea of transportation has been built on for years. Cars these days are completely different. They are finer, more reliable, and they have hoods! However, in order for cars to evolve to the way they are today, we needed input or suggestions from others. Sometimes the best ideas are by those who just sit back and observe. It is like learning how to ride a bike. You can sit and watch someone get up on his or her bike and fall, knowing that if they would have just kept their balance evenly distributed