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will is in God?s hands. Because Catholics believe this, they receive a sense of peace knowing that whatever happens, good or bad, it is in God?s hands and is for their betterment. ??My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?? and then add, ?Into your hands I commend my spirit, into your hands, O absolutely incomprehensible God! That too is possible. In other words I can confidently meet death and also accept the fear of death in a final confidence and surrender.? (Rahner, p. 193) Though Jesus asked why God betrayed him, he trusted God. As, Jesus had confidence in God when he was crucified, Catholics always trust in God and his will for them. There is no need to question what occurs in peoples? lives because whatever happens is God?s plan. Catholics do not fear or worry about

things that much because they know that their life is in God?s hands. Having faith does not mean that Catholics do not feel fear or pain. ?I am not of the opinion that a Christian must necessarily die as a Stoic or as a Socrates. If a Christian can do so, there is no objection against it. But he or she need not.?(Rahner, p. 193) Knowing that their life is in God?s hands and that any obstacles they may encounter are for their improvement gives people confidence. Having faith gives people something to believe in besides chance. Whether or not one raises their children as Catholic Christians makes a difference. It is true that atheists can live decent and fulfilling lives without faith, but when things go wrong or they have a decision to make, what do they do? Who can they turn to?

Having faith gives Catholics unchanging morals, guidance and something to believe in besides chance. In addition being Catholic guarantees salvation. An atheist may say that it does not matter if they believe or not because they do not believe in an afterlife. If there is an after life though, atheists will suffer. By being Catholic, one is ensuring that their future, if there is an afterlife, will be eternally secured. The Bible….Old edition