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Theodore “Ted” Bundy Essay, Research Paper Theodore “Ted” Bundy was something of a celebrity throughout the 70’s and 80’s. He allegedly killed 36 women, but by his own admission, there were at least 100 more unaccounted for. His trial was marked by alot of pomp and arrogance on his own part, and the media and public ate it up. He went out with a bang in 1989, when he was at long last, executed by electrocution. Below is the list of women he murdered. Katherine Merry Divine, 15. Disappeared: Nov 25, 1973, from Seattle Wa. Found: Dec.6, 1973, in McKenny Park, Wa. A couple found her body laying face first in the sodden forest. Decomposition had made it hard to determine exact cause of death, but evidence suggested she’d been sodomized, and she had been strangled.

It’s possible that her throat was also cut. Before his execution, Bundy admitted to picking up a hitchhiker in 73 and leaving her body near Olympia [where Devine was found] but he couldn’t remember where exactly. Joni Lenz, 18. Attacked: early January 1974 Joni had gone to sleep in her basement room of a big house which several young people rented from. The next afternoon, after she hadn’t appeared all morning, her housemates went to check on her and found her lying in her bed, her hair and face matted with dried blood. She’d been beaten with a metal rod broken from the bed frame, and when they pulled the covers back, they were horrified to find the rod had been brutally jammed into her vagina. The incredible thing is, this poor girl lived through the attack. It left

irreparable damage to her internal organs, and she was left with no memory of the attack. It had also left her severely brain damaged. She was a shy, friendly girl with no enemies, and it was determined to be a random act of savage violence. Lynda Ann Healy,21 Disappeared: Jan 31, 1974 Seattle, Wa Found: March 3,1975 Taylor Mountain, Wa A tall, slender beautiful girl with long dark hair and blue eyes. Upon investigation, the police pulled back her bedcovers and found a heavily blood stained pillowcase and blood-soaked sheets. Her nightgown was found stuffed in her closet, the neck lined crusted with dried blood. The clothes she’d worn that day were missing. Not one trace of the attacker or her body could be found. A year later, during a thorough investigation of what came to be

known as Bundy’s graveyard, Lynda’s skull was found, bearing the unmistakable marks of vicious battering. Bundy confessed to her murder before his execution. Donna Gail Manson, 19 Disappeared: Mar 12, 1974 from Evergreen State College, near Olympia Found: Bundy claimed a part of her was found Mar 3, 1975 at Taylor Mountain, Wa In March of 74, she was very depressed. She wasn’t reported missing for 6 days because of her habit of taking off on whims.March 12, she’d left her room around 7 pm to walk to a campus jazz concert. She was never seen alive again. Bundy confessed to her murder before his execution and said her remains were part of those unidentified bones found Mar 3, 1975 on Taylor Mountain, Wa Susan Elaine Rancourt, 19 Disappeared: April 17,1974, Central Wa. State

College, Ellensburg Found: Mar 3,1975 Taylor Mountain, Wa She never went anywhere alone. It was dark, but the campus was hopping with students. The meeting ended at 9, and she’d planned to meet a friend to see a German film. The friend finally went alone when Susan never showed. Susan was last seen leaving the advisor’s meeting. On a rare occasion she took a chance and hurried into the dark alone. And never came back. Investigators found only her skull as they excavated Taylor Mountain, Bundy’s apparent graveyard of severed heads. It was brutally fractured.Bundy confessed to her murder before his execution. Brenda Baker, 15 Disappeared: May 25, 1974–ran away from home in Redmond, Wa Found: June 17, 1974 in Millersylvania Park {several miles from where Kathy Devine was