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of the war“(Alterman 11) . The rest of the American people were neither. They didn’t support the war, but also were worried by the protests. American Society was divided into three groups of people, who had different beliefs, different morals, and different ideas. So as more protest were organized, people changed their beliefs and views. It was a very messy period in US History. It got even messier when “at a peaceful protest at Kent State campus on May 4, 1970, 11 students were wounded, and four students were dead“(Alterman 11). None of them were protesters. The National Guardsmen were responsible for the wounded and the four dead students. Many more violent protests followed the one at Kent State. The Vietnam War was one of the longest and most costly wars in the

history of the United States. It changed the lives of many people. Every night American civilians were faced with the reality of a war they could not win on their television sets. The Vietnam War changed the course of the American history. The American policies on foreign affairs and domestic politics were greatly changed by this event. Some say it was a good war, and some say it was a bad war. It was a classic role of good guy versus bad, and communism versus freedom. The war effected everyone and everything around it. Was it worth all the lives and people that were lost? I don’t think there is a correct answer to that. But I do know that war brings suffering, fear, and violence, and the Vietnam War is a good example of that. Alterman, Eric. “ Remember the Maddox!” Nation

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