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— that of the Royal Family. Greed for power has completely engulfed their minds?.” (Eckers). This, I believe, is a part of what led to the downfall of Macbeth along with the “stained with guilt” hands that where covered with blood (Shakespeare 283). In the 1999, many t.v. murder movies have a guilt theme to them, although some are just for entertainment. In 1995, a woman named Susan Smith killed her two children because she couldn?t handle taking care of them. On one dreadful night she took her children out driving and parked near a lake. She got out saying she had to tinkle and left the car in neutral. While getting out she pushed the car into the lake. She walked to the nearest town and said someone robbed her and took her kids. While the investegation was going on, she

had an emotional breakdown. She felt a lot of guilt on her heart. She eventually told the police what actually happened and was sent to jail and is awaiting death row (Stoccs). Guilt plays a part in all our lives in what we do. When we lie we sometimes think about the consequences. The guilt makes people feel so overpowered they can’t survive without getting rid of their guilty conscience. This is what drives people insane and how many people end up in the nut-house. Eckers, Scott. ?Macbeth Themes and Devices? Shakespeare, William. Macbeth: A Students Guide.1997. (4 Nov. 1999) Shah, Ravi, and Neal Groothius. ?Major Themes In Macbeth? Table of Contents. 1999. ( 5 Nov. 1999)

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