Themes Of Great Expectations Essay Research Paper

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Themes Of Great Expectations Essay, Research Paper Three themes from the novel, Great Expectations Theme. (Them), n. 1. Topic; subject. 2. A short written composition. Great Expectations was a great novel with many themes. The themes I am going to tell you about are the following: Self discovery and maturity, loyalty and responsibility, and how wealth and position corrupt. The theme, “Self discovery and maturity” took place when Pip went to Miss Havisham’s house and was made fun of by Estella; when she was talking bad about Pip’s suit, his shoes, and his coarse hands. After that he changed so that he would be liked by Estella. Pip really matures when he goes to London to live with Mr. Jaggers. He has to turn into a gentleman to be accepted by the society that he has

to live in. The theme, “loyalty and responsibility” took place when Pip went back to the church yard to bring the convict back some supplies and tells him, “I’m glad you enjoy it.” Pip didn’t have to go Joseph 2 back to the convict after being scared but I think he did out of being scared and out of generosity. He learned of the responsibility he must have when it comes to great sums of money and on how to use. Once he turned twenty-one, he was responsible for his own self in a way. The theme, “how wealth and position corrupt” had to do with after Pip left to be with Mr. Jaggers. Estella liked him more when Pip had a lot of money and when he had a nice suit. The sad part was that Joe thought he had to act all humble around Pip, when Pip wanted him to be like

himself. Pip also didn’t like the sight of Joe in such nice attire and trying to be so gentle-man like. Back then the amount of money you had determined what kind of person you were and enabled you to be a part of all the formal parties and such. Wealth played a big role in the book and in those times. If you were rich you had to learn how to act, like Pip learned manners, how to fence, how to dine, and how to dance. Towards the end of the book Pip was in a coma, when he awoke he in his bed with Joe next to him. Pip stayed with Joe at Joe and Biddies house. Joseph 3 I think the book was good. I think the ending could have been different with Pip marring Estella. I like how Joe got to marry and be with someone who didn’t him and who didn’t poke fun at him.